In the application form in the 10th result I have excluded the additional subject and then calculated the percentage. So my cgpa excluding the additional subject is 9.2 CGPA which in percentage will be 87.4%. In the month of janauary dse asked us to fill a Google form in which we were supposed to take all the subjects that makes my cgpa to be 9.17 CGPA making it a percentage of 87.12%. So I I the 10th result I the Google form I put in 87.12% now we are supposed to again fill the Google form which is asking to include all the subjects. So now what should I do include or not include the additional subject? Will it lead to cancellation of my form, in the application form it was not mentioned to include all subjects but in Google forms it was asked to include the additional subjects so I did? Please let me know what to do? I have mailed several times but have received no reply.

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