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When all colleges are considering the present situation and deducting only 1k as processing fee when asked for refund,Kj Somaiya is deducting 10%,20% and so on of the amount paid, like seriously?? A rational person would definitely chose the best option for him ,do you penalize him with such a hefty amount for not choosing your esteemed institution ?? Is it a money making strategy ?? please start acknowledging the fact that the amount you deduct is someone's hard earned money . Adcoms wont even reply but please do convey it to your management.

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@sauravvid450 Bro the installment thing was introduced on 24th ,well many had paid before that .Even if 50k has been paid ,your 20% gets deducted ,irrespective of the amount paid the institute deducting 20%,30% is just not justified even if the pandemic had not been there

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@sauravvid450 That would be beneficial to students who will continue with KJ. What about those students who would want to opt out?

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