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Student Testimonial ( Batch 2017-19)


Lavanya Ravi

Batch 2017-19 

Final Placement - Rockwell Automation 


 Like everyone else I could see, I too was struck in web of emotions.... New place, new people, language I didn't know and of course no friends. Breaking ice has always been an ordeal for me. And I was a little bit too scared this time. Now a responsible adult I was and I couldn't give excuses anymore. Well that was the first day. And later on time took care of everything. Made friends, hung out and had fun. Well that wasn't the only stuff I learned . The purpose for which I came to the college was well served. I learnt what I was supposed to.. It taught me hard work, discipline and professionalism. With the best facilities on hand, this college never seems to rest. The Library is a deep ocean of knowledge, where all the fishes can survive and even more. The lectures who are always on their feet to help, advice, support and motivate.ISB&M has changed the way I am and I am proud to be part of it

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