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 Being a proud Alumni of ISBM Pune and an experienced HR Practitioner, I am very happy to share a fantastic Competence Development Journey that we are taking together through an HR Certification Program. This is a collaborative long term program ( 4~5 months) to improve Employ-ability Skills of 2017-19 HR Batch ( 43 bright HR students) where Professors, Alumni, Students and all key stakeholders are working together as One Team within a structured Program framework, may be considered as one of the Best Practices within MBA world.  We have conducted an Assessment Center on 14-15 Sept 2018 in College Campus as part of the overall Program Framework and now the current batch has a Vision on Industry readiness and each student is actively working on a structured Individual Development Plan to realize the Vision with a fantastic Mentoring Program where Alumni are supporting & contributing as Mentors. Though, formally, the Program will close on 17-18 Nov 2018, Yet, Mentoring and Developmental Programs will continue until Feb 2019 

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