Congratulations to all the call getters of IIM Visakapatnam , you have crossed the first hurdle of getting into an institute, young in age but of doubtless potential. All of you have a great chance of making a journey that I traversed more than 3 decades ago, though in a different B school !! My name is Rajshekhar Roy and IIMC is my Alma Mater, where I spent two blissful years between 1986 and 1988.

At present I run my Management consultancy practice in Hyderabad, after having been CEO of several software companies over the last 3 decades. For the last 5 years I am very closely involved with B school admissions, IIMs ABC in particular but the other ones too, and have been informally guiding many aspirants to these and other IIM and non IIM B schools.

This year I have decided to mentor some people by training them for GD/WAT/PI preparation, and have done so for 55 people, some in Hyderabad but most from outside, many of who have got one or more converts by now. If any of you are interested in availing this reach out to me through a DM with your contact number and I will respond to you with further details as to how we can engage. I especially want to take on people who are only having IIM V calls and mentor them to ensure they get admission to a college this year. However as time is short, I will keep this open only till April 26th. Do note this is a paid service, though charges are nominal upfront and a fair bit of it is linked to a successful convert.

Wishing all the call getters a successful WAT/PI round leading to admissions into what I feel will become one of the top 30 B schools in India in the near future.

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Does iim v consider marks from iim a interview? So that I don't need to give another interview

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No, please refer to the admission document for the list of institutions which have been exempted from WAT& PI.

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