Hey everyone, since its high time regarding the conversion and joining of your favorite B-School. I know the anxiety you all must be feeling so to lighten up your mood a little, I have made a small blog( https://eurotripwithanindian.weebly.com/ ) that narrates my experience of travelling around in Europe as an exchange student this year(I am currently a student at one the the newer IIM's). Not to lie this is also part of my term project as well as a side hobby(I know now I am quite selfish 🙈 ) .Please do give it a try and thank you for your time.  

GEM Fresher || CAT '16-96.4%ile || Acads- 10th/12th/Grad- 90.7/90.2/80 ||Calls- IIFT,XLRI-HRM,MDI,IIT-D,New And Baby IIM'S 
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