Hi all. Very important . Please guide in this if you have any source of information over this. I am a student of mithibai college (Mumbai University) While filling the cat form I filled graduation percentage as 84.5(as CGPA was 8.45 and he was not aware about the conversion factor from CGPA to percentage.).But I got an official document for conversion of CGPA to percentage which is as given below. 7.1*CGPA +11 According to the rule the highest percentage for the person studying at that university can be 7.1*10 + 11 Which is 82. My percentage according to the formula is 61.4 percentage. But to calculate overall percentage logically it should be 61.4/82 rather than 61.4/100. Has someone from Mumbai university came across same issue. Quick reply and help is appreciated. Thanks

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No it's a 10 point scale

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