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Approximately 2 lac people take CAT every year, so around 2000 people will get 99 percentile and above in CAT 2019 and around 1000 people will get 99.5 percentile in the test. It will be a safe bet that at least 10000 people have the background, aptitude and preparation to exceed 99 percentile, yet only 2000 people only will do so. Why does this happen to the ones who miss out?

With all the experience I have in CAT exams and B school sdmissions in general. I can think of 2 reasons. The first is while many people prepare hard they do not have a multi dimensional game plan. As an example take CAT 2018 - many people had an idea that they will be able to score 70 plus in QA, based on the experience of CAT 2017. When this did not happen their test fell apart rather badly and there was no route back. The second is to have a hedge in each section so that even in the worst case you are able to salvage the test. A score of minimum 45 in each section and 55/60 in 2 of them will mostly assure you of 99 percentile and more. Of course, if the test happens to be an easy one as in 2017, you will need a higher score but that will not really be tough to do.

This is exactly why you need much more than just coaching classes and mock tests, which are being done by more than 1 lac people and more anyway. It is a given that smart techniques and strategies will be required to be in the elite 1000 or 2000 , more so if you are in the General category and a male to boot. If you are doing well in the mock tests and have already completed your syllabus, I will encourage you to check out my mentoring program which has a specific focus of getting people calls from one or more of the top 12 B schools in India. Send me a PM with all your details and I will get back to you. 

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