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Why do many people score poorly in VARC section when it is really not that difficult and a lot of people taking CAT are from English medium education background? There are two main reasons - firstly, lack of adequate reading habits and secondly poor concentration and attention to detail. Let me give one example to illustrate this conclusively.

As I will be away next week, I send a simple message to all the people I am mentoring outlining that information. Many people did not read even that 5 line message properly and wished me happy journey this week itself. Others asked me when I was coming back even though the information was already there in the message. The lack of attention to simple details is pretty much evident.

I will write some posts soon on how you can tackle the above issues for yourself. My pure mentoring program is open for admissions and will start on August 1. If you are interested send me a PM with your full name and details. I will then get back to you and let you know how we can go about it.

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