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Hi, I have 2 big questions that is really bothering me before applyting to MBA programme at NUS. It would be really great if anyone can shed his or her lights on the same.

1) I have given GRE. MBA@NUS accepts both GRE and GMAT. Does MBA@NUS give preference to GMAT?

2) I am eying Product Management roles after MBA. How is the job market in SGP for PM roles in technical companies. And do companies hire graduates from NUS without rich expriences in PM roles.

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@Cheetah_rks Thanks for your query. The school accepts GRE so you needn't worry about preference per se. Regarding your second query, Singapore (generally speaking) is great for Finance. However, if your career goals are in sync with what you have achieved, thus far, (and your test scores are good enough) you should go ahead and apply! 

All the best!

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1. NUS does not differentiate between GRE or GMAT. Either is fine as long as your score is good. 2. Post MBA job market in Singapore is vibrant as it's the hub for Fortune 500 companies in Asia. Consulting and Product Management being the most sought after roles.

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