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 For NUS MBA Program.

Hey everyone. I need some help.

One of my recommenders link expired just before he was about to copy the answers. So I've mailed NUS at on Jan 20th 2019 asking them to reactivate the link. I had earlier sent them a query about the double degree programs on Jan 11th 2019. While they did say that they take a minimum of 3 days to revert, I did not get any reply for either of my emails. I even tried calling up them up on +65 65162068 but I got no response.

Has anyone tried contacting NUS or received any mail from them in the month of January? I heard they had a holiday period till Jan 19th or something. Not sure about his though. I want to apply by Jan 31st and I've got like 8 days effectively. Can anyone help with this? Would you happen to have another means of contacting the admissions office? 

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Hello @chaitu2492 Calling and emailing are the only two ways you could use to get things fixed. We suggest you keep trying :-) All the best!

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Yeah, looks like it. I tried going through an IVR call only to end up at the same number! Thank you.

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