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I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question. I have an admit from ISB and I have remitted the fees as well. Now I have gotten an interview call from NUS. I am a Btech grad with 4 years wokex working as Risk analyst in HSBC.  During my initial research I have found out that ISB is a relatively new college and its core strength is consulting and also there will be a formal placement drives where companies come and hire people. On the other hand NUS is known for its finance course and being in Singapore is its biggest advantage. However, the ranking for these two colleges is almost similar (ISB: 29 vs NUS 32) and this is what is confusing me. Also the risk of not getting is literally zero for me in ISB as I am a resident of India itself. NUS provides brilliant opportunities in finance in Singapore where I need to compete with people who are more suitable for IB roles in finance vs ISB that provides brilliant opportunities in consulting in India. I have already resigned and have to decide if I have to go back to my job again in old company which is a very pain task. Is it really worth the pain for NUS (Considering that i get selected, I know I am being optimistic please bear with me). Any help from current or old students in much appreciated.

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Go for ISB anytime.Less labour laws in singapore are less favorable now to international peoplw.PS : Is ISB session not starting on 17th April.Y the confusion at this extreme stage??

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I agree that ISB is a better bet but it's an opportunity to study abroad. Having visited NUS on work in PaGaLGuY, was impressed but that has no connection to your question. Job scenario is far better in India than Singapore but it is all what you make of your MBA. In institutions abroad one sees true diversity

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