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Nursing is one of the most noblest and oldest of professions, it involves dedicating oneself to the care of sick and ailing patients. It is a combination of providing physical healing while also catering to the patients and their families emotional needs too.

Nursing is the largest occupation in the health care sector. Alongside doctors, they form a part of the core team involved in the healing and wellbeing of the patient. Nurses have to work in departments like general wards to emergency rooms to operating theatres. The duties and responsibilities of nurses depend on their qualifications and work experience. At the initial level, they have to work for the bedside patients while at a senior level, they are required to manage special groups of people like psychiatric, pediatric, intensive care patients etc. which require specialized skills. While a career in nursing can be demanding, thankless, and stressful on the one hand, on the other it can be very rewarding and challenging. Each new day brings on new challenges.

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***It is our request to the concerned authority of the listed colleges and any third party that if you find any defamatory language, lying, exaggerating, copyrighted materials, and other such practices, kindly  let us notify soon as immediate reforms shall be made.***

About B.M. Birla College of Nursing

BM Birla College of Nursing, located in Kolkata (West Bengal), is accredited by the Indian Nursing Council (INC), Delhi, and is affiliated to West Bengal University of Health Sciences, Kolkata. Nursing courses at undergraduate as well as at postgraduate level are offered by BM Birla College of Nursing. In order to impart high standards of education, the college boasts of providing state-of-the-art facilities to the students. Established in 2003, the College works under the guidance and sponsorship of B.M. Birla Heart Research Center, Kolkata.

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Admissions provided in all major cities of India without any hindrance with only fees
Our process is simple and transparent, and anybody who join us never feels any discomfort in the on-going development of admission. Our goal is to provide the candidate whatever they are looking for without any emphasis on marks obtained or year gaps or any shortage of academic profile creation its up to our expert team to manage all the necessary docs on time and give the student a well timed and safe journey to college classes.

WE have such interaction with the colleges that if the seats are present we can get you there no matter how late you come to join us. WE manage all your concerns right from the time you contact us till you start your course and sometimes even after that for who in connected with us. It’s obvious that we are talking about private colleges mostly where there are seats in management quota or N.R.I / P.I.O quota. Needless to say that no matter where ever you get stuck in your career outcome we come handy to help you out for all your concerns are ours once we agree the terms and condition of the services that we provide throughout the year in Pan India.

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International students who wish to enroll in the College of Nursing for either Direct Admission or Standard Admission must meet the requirements listed for that pathway. International students for whom English is not the first language also are required to complete the following:

For students (early admission or transfer) who are new to the University of Iowa and admitted directly to the College of Nursing as a pre-licensure BSN student, a score of 100 on the iBT TOEFL is required.

University of Iowa students who are interested in studying nursing at Iowa, but have not yet earned admission to the College of Nursing must present a minimum iBT of 81 with no subscore lower than 17, and complete the English Proficiency Evaluation (unless they have a TOEFL score of 100 or higher on the iBT). Students may be required to complete English as a Second Language course work if specified as a result of the English Proficiency Evaluation. If such course work is required, it must be completed prior to the start of the nursing major.

Exemptions may be granted for persons who have completed a bachelor’s degree (or higher) at an accredited university in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada (excluding French Quebec), Africa (English speaking), Australia, or New Zealand.

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Students not initially offered Direct Admission may be selected for Assured Admission or added to a Waitlist for Assured Admission.

Assured Admission
A small number of students will be offered Assured Admission. These students will fill vacancies created by Direct Admission admits declining offers of admission, canceling admission after acceptance, or withdrawing from the program. Assured students are guaranteed a spot to begin the nursing major in the fall or spring of their junior year. These students are expected to enroll at the University of Iowa and maintain the same criteria as a Direct Admission student in order to keep their spot on the Assured Admission List. Assured Admission students are considered College of Nursing students.

Waitlist for Assured Admission
A select number of students who are not initially offered Direct Admission and are not guaranteed Assured Admission will be placed on a ranked Waitlist for Assured Admission. After May 1 and once all seats in the Direct Admission class have been filled, any student remaining on the list will have their application to the College of Nursing cancelled.

Students who are not admitted via Direct Admission or guaranteed a spot via Assured Admission could enroll at the University of Iowa as a student in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences with a major of Nursing Interest and be part of the Standard Admission process after their second year of enrollment. Standard Admission students should anticipate a plan of study that will take 4.5 years.

The following factors are considered by the admissions committee while reviewing applications. This list is not all inclusive. It is in alphabetical order and does not designate order of importance:

  • Academic Preparation, including GPA
  • Advanced Placement/Honors/Dual Enrollment Credit
  • Commitment to service to others
  • Contribution to the College of Nursing commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Essay responses
  • Experience that develops qualities that contribute to becoming a nurse
  • Experience in caregiving
  • Military service
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Understanding of Professional Nursing Practice
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