Anyone here with either same marks as cutoff or very close to cutoff from any discipline or category, plz ........ me 9437383193. 1) Total 13 names was proposed from waiting list and was sent to ministry for apporval in Sept-2019. 2) Over frequent contacts with CGPDTM mumbai office between the period Sept-19 to 04th March -2020, they told that it is under consideration and list will come for sure. 3) on 5th March -2020 , A.K samal sir from Munbai office told that they got verbal info from Under secy, DIPP that list will not come as time has passed. 4) I Was also in contact of Under secy DIPP since Feb-2020 and he has also told that process is at final stage and list will come. On 06th march -2020 I again called him and I told that Munbai office has told that it will not come, he replied there is as such no official info, file is under consideration still. 5) They have deliberately delayed the process till feb -2020 as they donot want to take waiting list. Also they r not accepting that list will not come as it is against rule of DOPT. They r just diverting us by saying that it is in process but internally it has been rejected. 6) I have gone through DoPT letter which clearly says that If vacancy arises due to non joining of candidates and if waiting list has been prepared by dept. Then that vacancy has to be filled from waiting list. Also I have read many CAT judgements regarding waiting list issues, all were in favour of waiting candidates 7) Kindly contact me on 9437383193. I have planned to file a case against CGPDTM in CAT. I need ur support as becoz alone I cannot do that.

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If we will not do anything now then we will not get anything. I have sufficient documents including RTIs to file case .

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