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"Those were the days!!!" :: :: :: The first words that come into your mind/out of your mouth when a conversation takes a sudden turn and your grad/mba days are mentioned. Memories come flooding as if there would be no tomorrow. You ask ...
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Nice thread Well, I'm currently in a B-school so will share the experience of my B.E days, in fact the last day of my B.E

I was an ok student in B.E (in fact all through since class 8th, I've been just about ok ) and didn't really like attending classes, as is probably true with most of the engineers 😉 I attended some classes, sometimes went to the college and just spent time at the canteen with friends, discussing more important issues than studies And ya, I used to study just a couple of nights prior to my exam, another typical trait of an engineer :D

So now, coming to the last day, the last exam of the final semester. Still remember that day vividly. Started off with the exam..... we had 8 questions out of which we had to do 5. After around 2 hr 15 min or so, I saw a few of my batchmates had already come out of the exam hall and were chatting etc. I had yet to complete one part of a question. What did I do??? Calculated an estimate, just to ascertain whether I would pass or not 😃 I was sure enough to pass, and so I handed over the paper and came out

And after everyone finished with their exam, followed the Graffiti session. Everyone writing on each other's shirts, kurtis etc. (or whatever they call it for girls :)) I have still kept the shirt with me and have never worn it since (although it would feel a bit awkward with something or the other written all over :)), something like a souvenir :)

After that session, the photography session 😃 So many photos..... there were times when two people were clicking simultaneously.... didn't know which person to look at 😃

That was perhaps the only day in my entire 4 yr engineering life, that I didn't want to leave my college, my friends etc. My exam finished at around 12:15 and most of us stayed in the college till about 5:30 pm 😃 I knew that once I left it, I could stay in touch with only a handful, didn't know when I'll be able to meet them ever : In fact, since 2006, i.e. when I graduated, I think I've met only about 4-5 of my classmates and spoken to about 10 or so. Everyone's just too busy with their work life, and obviously, you can't blame them as well :|

Still sometimes feel a bit nostalgic thinking of my engineering life I doubt that B-school life could ever match it, and so far in the last one year, I've been proved right :

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Okies so here is one thread where i can go on and on and on and errr on....

Things that will never come back starting with my b-skooling days :

1) 23:59:59 ka deadline

2) waking up at 8:58 and reaching class at 9:00....yes exactly at 9 the door closed and we had perfected the 2 mins magic to perfection

3) having a roommate in b-skool who was lazier than me and used to compete with me in vellagiri and sleeping

4) Strategy Quizzes...To be eligible for the class you had to appear for a quiz and if you are thrown out then next calss 2 to enter the class and next to stay in the class :shocked:

5) JLT Parties

6) French classes :P

7) Lan Movies of all types

8 ) Volleyball

9) AOE

10) Pandeyji ke paranthe

11) Tankoos

12) IIFT ka dhaba

13) Presentations without having a clue on what we are presenting on

14) Kritva 05

15) Placement Days and the Great B- Skool Placement Drama

16) Late night drinking because of all available reasons and their after effects

17) Dilli ki Sardi

18 ) Chatting with your roomie in YM :wow:

19) The Gang

20) PSCM I and PSCM II ....not attending a single class and still having 100 % attendance gm:

loads of more to tell and definitely will detail all things mentioned in later posts


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Now this one is not tooo ancient :p....just about a couple of years back
Location: college *lovely days*
Situation: Physical chemistry class :banghead:
Professor status : knows nothing
Descision : 4 best friends decide to bunk :thumbsup:
Result: they enjoy non stop 50 minutes of bakar 😉 :cheers:
After sometime: 4 of them are climbing up the stairs for the zoology class, still maaring bakar and giggling they turn a fligh of stairs
all of a sudden!...manasi holds her forehead, closes her eyes and looses balance :o
we hold her thinking what happened suddenly! :o
and then we notice the physical chemistry prof is facing us up the stairs : 😲 :rollingeyes: :lookaround:
and we understand y manasi fainted (partially) the biggest challenge is not facing the prof, not managingto hold manasi but to hold back the laughter that is bubbling inside ()
the prof: oh! what happened? :o
richa: nothing ma'am. she is just a little unwell :
prof: oh ok. is it too bad?
rajni: no ma'am. she rested for a while and she is better now :)
prof: manasi, y dont u take the day off?
manasi: *thinking that kyonki baaki profs ko aata hai * ma'am i m better...uhh i will manage. thank you...uhh..*acting all this while*
prof: ok go to the class then and any of you drop her home today
richa: ok ma'am. thankyou.
we climb up the stairs holding manasi and controlling the laughter burst
we reach 2nd floor and we give up....we laugh like crazy
richa to manasi: abe kya natak tha ye?
manasi to all: to kya karti me? ek to class bunk maari upar se masti karte hue aa rahe the. Mujhe dikh gai thi pehle par me kaise batati tum logon ko to mene socha ki me apne serial me acting karne ka sapna yahin pura kar lu
...and the filmfare award goes to manasi :clap:

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*Thinking hard*.....Ouch! *Ghutne me dard * :p
My earliest memories from school -
Std: KG 1
Age: 4
Location: bus
Situation: picnic from school
Scene: we all are riding in the bus happily with our teachers (we used to cal them "miss" ) and we are playing antakshri (without close up :D). All of a sudden, from no where a classmate vomits . Richa looks at her best friend Linesh sitting next to her. He gets up and starts walking to the rear of the bus :sneaky:. He turns around and signals richa to follow :sneaky: :confused: richa follows him like a good girl
In the rear we discover a small place with 2 seats :surprised: We happily sit there and resume to antakshri
Linesh changes school after KG 2 :(
Richa remembers him all this while...
Richa finds him on orkut after...ummm (mental calculation)...17 years!!! :clap: and guess what...he also remembers richa :clap: richa meets him and feel X-tremely happy 😃 but again looses contact 😞 Last time richa talked to him was 25th Aug 2007, bomb blast in a train headed to Hyderabad, Linesh was on it, Richa was happy to know he is safe :)
Richa used to live in her pushtaini home when she was a kid (before std 6th). There Richa's mom had a friend+neighbour named Shashi aunty :)
She had 2 children - chotu and....(cant remember) Chotu was richa's friend. When richa used to go to shashi aunty's place(1st flr), she and chotu used to ask for biscuits...always! :sneaky:
They used to go to the balcony which had a 1 and a half feet tall wall instead of grill. Richa and chotu used to break the biscuits and throw them at people walking down the road and hide behind the wall richa is still not sorry to have done that (CIKRAT*read secret* - richa still feels like doing it sometimes) :
std: 3rd
situation : last exam - final - last paper :
scene: richa is sitting with her best friend rashi under a tree in the school compound after exams and discussing paper :banghead:
richa and rashi's favourite teacher comes who was also their class teacher in 3rd std. and they hold her and cry like babies because they dont want to leave her class 😃 :silly:
Bharose miss - i still love you :)
Ok baar baar nekhsst bolna padega kya?
aage ki kahani continues later (episodes me cheeze jada intersting hoti hain 😉 - yek-tha(thi) kapoor)

jaate jaate ek jok....hansi k phuwaree kitab me number 67...neeche se chautha jok.
ek aadmi roj subah ped ki dali pe chadh k baith jata tha...:rollingeyes: pucho kyon? :o
MBA kar k pagal ho gaya tha
khud ko "branch manager" samajhta tha 😐 😛

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Well well well......

Things that I miss from my B School:

  1. I used to wake up REALLY early {I do that now too} to read something.
  2. classes used to begin at 9 a.m.
  3. I had to wake up about 5 people.... I was the alarm clock
  4. Schedules
  5. Project Deadlines
  6. Tests {open book/ objective/ Subjective}
  7. Cheating in the tests
  8. in sourcing/outsourcing the correct answers/projects
  9. Projects aka back stabbing/ no show/ case studies/ planning/ bakar meetings
  10. Presentations/ borrowing them from some other section/ answering the questions :shock:
  11. useless groups {I was the fonder member of the gossip magazine and it was called the Nakshatra Bakar club}
  12. Bingers bliss {coffee and cheese sandwich}
  13. City rides {in the 4th sem without fail I used to go to the city everyday }
  14. Classes/ chits/ gossips/ rebukes/ bunking/ PROXIES
  15. reading calvin and hobbes in the library during exams
  16. Mess/ food/ lines
  17. Semester exams :nervous: / last min cramming
  18. Attendance :banghead:
  19. Junta
  20. Friends
  21. Messy Birthday/ the dirt/ spanking/ cake
  22. Pendrives
  23. Hoplelessness
  24. Failure/ let down
  25. Dancing wildly on coming 3rd out of 4 teams
  26. Fresher's party
  27. International conference performance {I was offered a 6 month exchange program at Boston Univ.} {It was here that the Dean of my college walked up to me and thanked me for being active at PG :biggrin: }
  28. Recognition :proud:
  29. My hostel room {Q-139}
  30. view from my room
  31. Marks
  32. the A's, B's, C's :p
  33. People trying to teach my finance
  34. Me teaching people Law till 7 am!
  35. CGPA
  36. Retail classes
  37. The green environment
  38. MY FRIENDS and our parachute club

Phew....I can go on and ON...
More Later

My old signature does not fit here :(
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I just completed my bachelors err...graduation though unofficially :)So here we go to 1st August 2006...My first day at college
First of all when college starts at 9am,I reached at 10:30am:biggrin: and got some naggings from the receptionist for coming late and for not being in formals..I was shocked that is that a school or college that we got a dress code
Then she told me to join my fellow mates in auditorium and so started intro -session.It was like this for BBA and secured 131th position in entrance
Another girl-Hi I am nidhi and am here for BJMC
I thought maybe all students of bachelors are here :
So after introduction with three-four girls,I got to know that I was sitting with BJMC students:banghead: and then entered another girl..She told me that she was for BBA..I got feeling of relief and we both rushed to reception to know the directions for our classroom :

While climbing the stairs,I was wondering about my classmates and what would the teacher would say
As we entered,Sir was giving his introduction and as we asked permission to enter..The whole class was watching us and I got more conscious..While looking for the seats to settle down,my bag got tangled with my friend's bracelet to make a quick effort to entangle it,I pulled it so hard that I broke her bracelet :banghead: Thank god,she didn't got angry:biggrin:
Then my Sir asked what was my position in the entrance exam..I told him I secured 131th position..That came as shock for my classmates and I got comments like-studious girl,topper and of course,I impressed my Sir:grin:

That was my first day and I still laugh on my silliness 😃 I would be back with more incidents soon 😃

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Hmmm..nice. Just make sure that this thread constitutes of "experiences" and do not end up with one liner posts.Usually the thread started should start in first post with his experience and then let others take the cue.

Will watch it closely :)


Rohit bhai, thanks for the appreciation. I would love it if you too post here.
You are right, I should have started and ....

So, here I go on my journey.

I am currently taking my final semester exams in engineering and 99% engineers are tea fans. And don't mistake this for some normal cafe ... they go to dilapidated and cranked up places called Gumti(s) or Tapri(s) where they have cutting chaai and all sorts of snacks replete with lots of oil.

One such gumti where I have been a permanent customer (read : ever-present vella :biggrin:) is Kaka's. He is a very old man (my estimate is 70+ but he beats the hell out of people like me when it comes down to hardwork). Also a very astute businessman, he is the favorite of all my college mates, hands down. He is almost recognised as a fatherly figure in the college and even the worst of guys treat him with utmost respect.

The best thing about him is that he is very lenient with udhaari junta . My account stands at Rs. 380 including today's chaai and samosa. . Everytime there's a birthday, he personally serves a free chaai-samosa to the birthday boy.

Once a friend bought his girlfriend along with him. He took special care of her, blessed the couple and advised the guy not to bring her there again as it wasn't good for a girl with all the obscenities being mouthed around.

will edit with more later. This is going to be one long post. 😉
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Nice idea! All though if one starts writing this thread is gonna flow like a non-stop river. I am pretty sure lot of people will have lot of memories to share, and rest of the people are going to relate to it in some way or another.

Will definitely take out time to write some of my fun stuff.
I am already itching about some stories

Watch out for this space as I take you to some amreekan road trips ;)

BLUFF! :drinking:

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"Those were the days!!!"

The first words that come into your mind/out of your mouth when a conversation takes a sudden turn and your grad/mba days are mentioned. Memories come flooding as if there would be no tomorrow. You ask for a cup of coffee, sit by the window on a pleasant evening and then the journey starts... ;)

This thread aspires to be that journey. Post incidents, tidbits or any memory - sad, happy, good, bad associated with your Grad/MBA days. Of course, we have the life @ B-skool threads but they are not meant to cover personal incidents which become abiding memories once you step out of school. Maybe the other Puys can relate to it and strike a common chord.

So Puys, let the journey begin.
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