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NMIMS School of Business Management launches MBA (Entrepreneurship) program

To foster a thriving society which creates jobs and value in the long run, it’s important that entrepreneurs get the right support and platform to flourish. Simply put, the need of the hour is to create an exquisite breed of entrepreneurs and this is where the newly launched program MBA (Entrepreneurship) comes into picture. It’s a 2 year Full-time MBA Program under Pravin Dalal School of Entrepreneurship & Family Business Management (SBM’s initiative) that focuses on equipping budding entrepreneurs with essential tools and precise vision.

MBA (Entrepreneurship) is specifically designed for students who want to lead and manage business enterprises and also those who want to start their own ventures. This degree will help students to learn fundamentals and acquire skill sets that will prepare them from initial development of a business plan to financing a start-up and managing a growing business. The curriculum is designed to inspire students and executives who have the passion to drive their ideas and create economic value.

Program Objectives:

To create entrepreneurial opportunities through the invention, development and exploitation of new ideas, products and services.

To inculcate among students entrepreneurial competencies covering goal setting, self-confidence, information seeking, problem solving and planned risk taking.

To identify entrepreneurial opportunities that exist; understand untapped and unserved markets; also the application of technology to serve untapped markets.

To provide personal counselling and mentoring to develop competent entrepreneurs and successful business executives of tomorrow.

The MBA (Entrepreneurship) program comes under the purview of Pravin Dalal School of Entrepreneurship & Family Business Management (SBM’s initiative) which was established to assist family owned firms to be in line with professional organizations. Being pioneers in the segment for more than a decade, it understands the emerging needs of family run businesses in the growth and emergence of India as a strong nation. Pravin Dalal School of Entrepreneurship & Family Business Management is an initiative of ‘The School of Business Management’ (SBM) of SVKM’s NMIMS Deemed-to-be-University. The SBM offers executive education programs for professionals who want to make the key transition in their careers. The school aims to equip students with a wide range of management skills to help them navigate through the complex business environment of today.

The MBA (Entrepreneurship) program will definitely help students find their own space to grow and excel.

Program Structure:

2 Year Full-time duration

Trimester I–IV: Class room learning

Trimester V–VI: Project leading to Business Model development and implementation

Idea Pitching and Funding assistance in Trimester VI (Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists will be involved)

Mentoring support throughout the process with international exposure

Students will be encouraged through In-house incubation to start their ventures through financial assistance from banks, angel investors and venture capitalists


Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline from Recognized University (Minimum 50% in Aggregate/Final Year)

Good oral and written communication skills

No business background required

Important Dates:

Registration Period: 26th  Feb – 21st March, 2020

Written Test & Interview: 3rd & 4th April, 2020

Declaration of Merit List: 11th May, 2020

Course Commencement: 8th June, 2020

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Ek Prayas – A Social Conclave

Mumbai: 1 March 2020

The students of MBA Part Time, MBA Part Time – Social Entrepreneurship and Executive MBA of SVKM’s NMIMS – School of Business Management programs organized the first ever Social Conclave of part time and executive programs on Sunday, 1st March 2020. Event was scheduled at 2 pm in Mukesh Patel Auditorium at Vile Parle (West). The theme for this year was ‘Ek Prayas’ to celebrate the journey of 2020 Padmashri Awardees and facilitate Smt. Rahibai Popere, popularly known as ‘Seed Mother’ and Shri. Popatrao Pawar, former Sarpanch, Hiware Bazaar, Ahmednagar. Both the Padmashri awardees are examples of life-time commitment to a cause & hence the title, Ek Prayas, which translates into giant effort.

The event had the Panel Discussion that covered their journey and learnings. Dr. Rajan Saxena, Vice Chancellor SVKM’s NMIMS and Dr. Ramesh Bhat, Provost and Dean SBM, SVKM’s NMIMS were the other panelists. Dr. Madhavi Gokhale, Professor, SBM moderated the Panel Discussion.


Mr. Popatrao Pawar took the audience through his journey from his education in Pune, cricketing days and returning to Hiware Bazaar and transformation of the village. He explained the initiatives he undertook in water conservation as Sarpanch of the village, challenges and innovative solutions to overcome the challenges. The most prominent initiative is the concept of Water Budgeting. Water Budgeting hinges on the concept of “amount of water village uses is equal to the amount of water the village conserves”. He also explained how the village moved away from high water consuming sugarcane which made a lot of difference in conserving water. In Maharashtra about 73% of water is used in sugarcane fields which constitute only about 3 % of the cultivated area.  Apart from water conservation, his other initiatives were making Hiware Bazaar Open Defecation Free (ODF), which happened in 1992 and also alcohol and mosquito free. Women empowerment was his another initiative and all houses in Hiware Bazaar have the name of the lady first followed by the name of man of the house. The legal title of the house is in the name of the lady.  Due to all these initiatives Hiware Bazaar is today a prosperous village with no BPL families. Improved agricultural infrastructure and prosperity reversed the trend of rural to urban migration with 70 families earlier belonging to the village reverse migrating from Mumbai, Thane and Pune to their village.


Seed mother Smt. Rahibai Popere explained her journey of conserving native varieties of seeds and encouraging farmers to give up hybrid and genetically modified variety of crops. As an agriculturist Smt. Popere was motivated to take up organic farming using native variety of seeds. This was in contrast to the intensive use of chemicals and fertilizers which was over years degraded the soil and was harmful for the consumers of such grains, vegetables and fruits. As explained by Smt Popere the older generation used to live up to 100-110 years while the current generation struggles to live up to 60-70 years and are prone to diseases such as heart ailments, cancer and diabetes which can be prevented by consuming organic agricultural produce.  With support from her family and the self-help groups through the concept of Seed Exchange she conserved traditional seed varieties and distributes them to farmers for cultivation.

In her talk, she emphasized the need to reduce the chemicals in the crops to reduce the ailments. She also emphasized the need to have a kitchen garden for the benefit of good health and longevity. She said even if one meal is there for the family but it needs to be nutritious and organic meal. She concluded the talk with the inspirational words “today I have all the wealth but I will continue to work on the field with my 3,000 women”.

Dr. Ramesh Bhat explained his engagement with the Social Cause in the areas of mental health in the villages of Gujarat. In his research project with NIMHANS Bengaluru and B.J. Medical College Ahmedabad he studied villagers’ behaviour and responses towards mental health by conducting behavioural experiments. He also highlighted his association with SEWA in their insurance schemes for the economically weaker sections of the society.

Dr. Rajan Saxena explained the famous Shirpur Model of Water Conservation initiated by Chancellor Shri Amrishbhai Patel and how the arid region of Shirpur was transformed into an agriculturally rich region. He also explained the transformation brought about by the Hon. Chancellor in the region through providing quality education and employment opportunities. The Audio Visual show presented this inspiring work.

Our Alumnus Shri Bhagwan Kesbhat was felicitated and awarded the distinguished alumnus award for his contribution to the social sector. His initiatives include water conservation as part of Paani Foundation and environmental awareness through his NGO Waatavaran.

In the end, Vote of Thanks was proposed by Dr. Meena Galliara, Director Jasani Center and she thanked everyone who has been part of organizing the function and the audience.

Brief Profiles

Popatrao Pawar: Popatrao Baguji Pawar (born 1960) is the former Sarpanch of Hiware Bazar, a gram panchayat in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra India. He is the Executive Director of Maharashtra state government’s Model Village program. He is credited to have transformed it from an impoverished village into a model of development that the government of Maharashtra wishes to implement across the state. Pawar led Hiware Bazar’s transformation from a drought- prone village to a green and prosperous model village. He featured in an India Today cover story as the person who demonstrated how rural water resources could be revived. The Hiware bazar gram panchayat, with Pawar as its sarpanch, won the first National Award for community led water conservation in 2007.

Rahibai Popere: Rahibai Soma Popere born in 1964, is an Indian farmer and conservationist. She helps other farmers return to native varieties of crops, preparing hyacinth beans for self-help groups. She is among three Indians in the BBC list of “100 Women 2018”. Scientist Raghunath Mashelkar gave Rahibai the epithet “Seed Mother”.

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Congratulations to all who have made it to NMIMS after all the rigour! Student Council of School of Business Management, NMIMS Mumbai, welcomes you. Join this group to get started with your MBA journey. Follow the mentioned 2-step process to be a part of the group: Step 1: Click on the following link and join the group 'NMIMS 2020-22 FINAL CONVERTS' https://m.facebook.com/groups/797772553967637 Step 2: After sending the request, fill the given google form with correct information so that we can authenticate your credentials and add you to the group. Form Link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfD25YbT5a1dXHez3GbTJJSexhalw6Q1UcfM1qxfvMVvBuIOA/viewform?usp=sf_link Through this group, we want to ease your transition into this upcoming phase of your life, a new school and a new city. Join this group to know all you want to about NMIMS and its various campuses namely: SBM, NMIMS Mumbai NMIMS Navi Mumbai NMIMS Bengaluru NMIMS Hyderabad NMIMS Shirpur NMIMS Indore

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Merit : 291 , NM Bangalore selected , any way can they upgrade to NM Mumbai ? 👍 

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Please reply,somebody?

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Congratulations to all those who have made it to the CD/PI round of NMIMS! Student Council of School of Business Management, NMIMS welcomes you.

We would be using this group to help you with any queries that you have in the next steps of the CD/PI and selection process for all NMIMS campuses, namely:


NMIMS Hyderabad

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Please click on the following link to visit the FB group - https://m.facebook.com/groups/548871625698473 

If you wish to join the group for updates around the process, please fill out the following form along with sending the FB request: https://forms.gle/QpVE2JNxrotf4iBt8 

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Is there any hope that we could place on Waitlist movement ?

Yes till 1600 Rank
Yes but not till 1600 Rank
A Big NO
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No hope for NM Bangalore right?

Yes, no hope
No, there is still hope
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Is there anyone who has already withdrawn and receives a refund? Please contact me, it's urgent

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@Radz_225 what's the procedure to withdraw the admission?

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Has anyone got any mail for clearing the waitlst for nmims banglore?

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@Ankit3136 yes please that will be of great help

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