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Hey. My score in my first ateempt was really poor.

OA: 169



LR: 53

I've already taken my retest and am awaiting better results.

But i have a few doubt regarding my marks:

1. How am i getting scores not divisible by 3, considering that all question carry 3 marks and there are 120 questions in total? Is it because these are scaled scores?

2. I never expected my LS scores to be this low. It is my strength area and I'm good at it. Again, are my scaled scores not my actual scores?

Would really appreciate some answers.

Target: NMAT/CAT/SNAP 2020 and XAT 2021
@GemAJ  ·  16 karma

These are scaled scores. that answers both your questions. 

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@sawant.prasadJBIMS Mumbai  ·  3,439 karma

@TestTaker1 These are scaled scores and that's why the scores aren't multiples of 3. The second point is true for most of the students, however, we also need to understand that as we tend to go fast in test situations, we end up making more mistakes than we think. In other words, sometimes, we over estimate our performance. A combination of scaling down + estimate error can lead to low scores. Don't get disheartened and prepare for the remaining tests well. All the best! 

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