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As classes resume, protesting students back in NIT Srinagar  

Students from NIT Srinagar who were in New Delhi, since April 14, to meet Smriti Irani, Minister for Human Resource Development, have returned to NIT Srinagar as their classes resumed today, April 25. About 200 students, mostly final year students, decided to attend classes after their 'partial victory'.

PaGaLGuY spoke to Rajat Srivastava, a final year student, who was in Delhi to meet Irani. Rajat said, "Out of the 19, 12 demands have been met. This is a partial victory for us. The remaining seven require some paperwork and will take time. So, we decided to go back and attend our classes."

Initially students' opinion was divided about continuing the stir in Delhi or continuing it from the NIT. Some junior students who were part of the delegation to meet Irani felt that going back to NIT may look like they have conceded defeat.  

Rajat added, "We took this decision as we did not want our academics to suffer. We will continue to protest until all our demands are met. "

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congo 2 the students at their partial victory..........hope they succeed in their future my opinion attending classes is beneficial to them........

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