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All the best to everyone for their IMNU interviews starting within next few hours and please use thread to post your experiences. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: PROFILE: Acads: X - X...
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My IMNU WCT/PI Experience:

CAT 2011 : 90.42
B.Tech :7.41 CGPA
XIIth : 75.2
Xth : 84.2
Venue: Indian Social Institute , Lodi Road , New Delhi (18-03-2012 8.45am)
Work Ex: 10 months (Vedanta Group)

The process started at 9.00 am with a WCT.
Topic : Women Empowerment will lead to social development.
Performance : Reached the venue at about 9.08 am. The fellow peers were busy writing an essay. Got a bit nervous but then held on to my nerves for WCT.I wrote a decent and structured five paragraph essay on the topic.
Wrote about social development,women empowerment,some countries on path of regression due to their conservative policies,third world countries,gave some examples of indian women from contemporary society who have been stalwarts in their respective fields,and concluded the topic well.

The WCT was followed by a PI round.
PI:It started with questions on my other b school calls and if selected then why will you choose nirma? I answered these ones. They asked me about the nirma group and karsanbhai patel?I answered these.Then the questions on Why MBA? and who a manager is? After these the latter part of the interview was pure technical questions.They asked me my favourite subject during my graduation and asked questions on it.They asked around 4-5 questions of which I was able to answer only 2-3 of them and that also not convincingly. The latter part made it pretty average.

Overall Performance : OK

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Are all the GD/PIs over?.. By when can we expect the list to be out?...

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23rd March,9 am Morning @NIRMA,Ahmedabad


X - 81.4 CBSE
Undergrad Major -(Marine Engg) 5.54/10 GPA/%age

NIL/Sector - 12 Months /Merchant Navy

CAT Score: -84.23 OA

Written test Topic:Women in Politics:answer to corruption

Brief Snapshot of your performance:
My Essay,was not to the mark,if i were to judge it,as i didnt believe in the topic,but to formulate well written negative points,there would have to be a lot of time for thinking,so i wrote "for" the topic anyway,Since it was easier to do.
Interview Got over in 10 mins,i was the 2nd in que,The Faculty coordinators were very co operative and helpful.

PI :3 members
Panel Members Intro: (W1,M1,M2))

1>Your name is pronounced as? is the same as Kiran More?
2>Tell us about your job.
3>Do you know that even after placement,you may not get such a high pay packet?(why MBA)
4>Related to your field,there was news near kolkata,involving italians,do you know of it?
5>What is "tip of iceberg"?why is it called so?
6>Who is the Shipping Minister?
7>Where did the Titanic sink?
I answered all except for the last one,I didnt know anything about the co ordinates,other than atlantic.

Since my center was at ahmedabad,i took the time to explore the academic buildings after my PI.NIRMA undoubtedly has one of the best infrastructure when it comes to that.
The Mess food was really too good,it not only meets the standards but it beats the Standards by a huge margin!
The Eyesore was the hostel:and here's the story abt it.

I was allotted a room,on the 3rd floor,i got in the lift with 2 other guys,probably the 2011-13 batch,One of them started asking me questions in a rather weird tone,perhaps trying to rag or what, god knows,
(In retrospect it was rather a funny scene,u can imagine a 5'6 puny trying to rag/get smart wid a 6'2 guy=me)It was annoying at that point of time.

I wanted to get to the 3rd floor,the lift skipped the 3rd,and stopped at 5th,the 2 seniors said,"this doesnt stop at the third floor,go down to the 4th" and got out of the lift giggling like 3 yr old girls.

Anyhow after that i got to the room,i was allotted wrong keys,by the watchman.I called the watchman,it took him 10 more mins to allot me another room,which was covered in dust.1 somewhat used/cleaner bed,cupboards locked.I adjusted there.In my head,the list of Cons was just increasing,things went bad to worse when i saw the common bathrooms.

I do not understand why it was like that in a campus,which is no less than a "5 star" otherwise.

Hope this helps,

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Written test Topic:Security cameras and privacy

Brief Snapshot of your performance:i tried to give it my best shot.i could not manage my time properly in my previous essay writing experiences so i had learnt my lesson and managed it pretty well this time.i think i wrote around 450 words.mentioned a few examples as well and tried to give my balanced views weighing the pros and cons..

PI :
Panel Members Intro: there were 3 panel members..p1 and p3 were asking questions , mostly p1..
p1: how do pronounce ur surname?
me: sir we bengalis pronounce it as "boshu" but non bengalis pronounce it as "basu"..many call it " bose" as well..
p1: u have come all the way from indore..y didn't u choose ahemdabad as ur centre?
me: sir my relatives live here so delhi was more convenient for me
P1 : u have any fav subject?
me: i have an inclination towards hr..
p1: u have an inclination towards hr.. so tell me ..(some questions on motivational theories etc)
me: answered
p2: (some more questions on motivational theories)
me: answered
p1: some questions on general states sharing borders with m.p, ministers in p.m's cabinet etc..
me: answered.
i could answer almost all the questions except 2...i really hope i convert this one..if i do,i will surely join this college

Any other relevant details like hobbies, etc: i asked them if they would like to see my extra curricular certificates( as it is my strength).. they said it will be handeled by some other department...

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10th 88.13%
12th 86%
Graduation- BE Computer, 61.91%(Aggr)
Cat score 92 %ile
Work Ex- 30+ IT

Venue Ahmedabad, 24th March
Essay topic Infrastructure is becoming bottleneck in Indias growth
Brief Snapshot of your performance It was fairly simple topic. Had a lot write. I think it was god enough.

PI- 3 Panelists. P1, P2, P3 all sir. P1 looked most casual and didnt speak much, P2 was very experienced and no nonsense type of guy while P3 calm and looked interested
As I went in they asked me to take the seat and hand over the documents. Did
P3 So tell me something about yourself
Me- I was expecting this and gave a decent ans. Also told that football is my passion and I play as goalkeeper
P3 Give me names of 5 goalkeepers
Me Gave the names and added a couple of Indians as well
P2 Youve been working with this company for 30+ months, tell me something about it?
Me- told about the founder, when it was founded, type of business we do, which business unit I am part of and etc.
P2- Tell me something your current work?
Me Told them that current project involves work BI and Analytics and gave some gyan
P2 and P3 Some more question related to BI and Analytics
Me Gave some more gyan and example of how BI is useful in retail industry :clap:
P3 Asked about some Metric related to Retail
Me :lookround:told Im not aware of it and my work mostly involves around java
P3 Some java question
Me answered
P2 Why there is decrease in your marks in graduations
Me these are good marks as per Pune university standard
P2 But still in couple of sems youve dipped even lower
Me No specific reason. :banghead: Should have given better answer saying what is important is I picked myself up again and got better marks after that

P2 looking at completion of each grad year, is there a gap between your 12th and graduation
Me No. I had 1 KT in first year which i completed in 3rd sem
All Thats all we have ask. Thank you.

I thought it went well. I had Somaiya few days back and it was very poor. So hoping for good result from this one.

All in all its a fairly simple process. Make sure you read the prospectus that they give you. Many people had qs on that.

All the best for rest of guys

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X 89.86
XII 89.6
Undergrad Major 67.45 % up to 7th semester of mechanical engg.

Work-Ex: NIL

CAT Score: - 84:splat::banghead:

Written test Topic:
An answer to corruption: an increase in number of women in politics

Brief Snapshot of your performance:
Started well, Gave good current and recent examples and facts. I could have ended the essay though in a better way. I had to make a choice between two possible choices of conclusions at the end. My rating : 3 on 5

PI :
Panel Members Intro: 3 persons. 2 males (M1 and M2) and a female (P1)
P1: State some good points which make U different from others.
Me: Answered. She seemed satisfied with the answer. :)
P2: What do you dislike in your daily life issues ?
Me: Answered. Saw an expression of satisfaction as well as a little amusement.
P2: Tell me what would U like to change in yourself.
Me: Answered. She seemed happy.
M2 suddenly asks b4 I complete my answer.
M2: Who is Tanvi Vyas ?
Me: :shock: No idea sir.
M1 gives hint of newspaper.
Me: Oh, yeah Sir, I read about her. She was I think in news for some beauty pageant selection.
M2 did not seem satisfied.
M1 looking at certificates: When and how U got these certificates.
Me: Answered.
M1: Why MBA ??
Me: Ah, I thought something I was expecting. Answered. M1 seemed satisfied :biggrin:
M2 suddenly: Who is Parimal Nathwani ??:shock:
Me: Absolutely stumped . I said, I do not remember. (Shit, gave a thought and recalled who he is after the interview outside. Was a sitter, should have easily answered that)
By then, I realised he was the momentum or rhythm breaker person in the panel who just came in to see if I lose my cool in such a situation. Must say the panellists were very brilliant. I felt honoured to be giving an interview.
M1: Explain me the difference between Otto and Diesel cycle.
Me; Answered. Too easy a question. Had been memorising this difference from 2nd year of engg.
M2 again comes in before I complete: What is Euro1, Euro2, Euro3 ??
Me: (After a little intentional thought to buy myself time.) Sir this are European Emission Standards. By now I got used to his sudden unexpected questioning pattern to break my series of thoughts.
P1: What are the pollutants that these refer to ?
Me: Answered.
M2: What is fuel injection? Explain for both types of engines
Me: Comfortably answered. Automobile has been one of my favourite subjects in mech. Engg. Was enjoying the questions totally.
M1: Explain difference between SI & CI engine.
Me: Answered.
M1: Thank you Mr. Vyas.
Me: :grin:
That is all that I can remember. My interview lasted a little longer than the normal time that was taken for other students. I think it might be because I am a fresher.
Overall experience was excellent.
Hope to convert the call. Although due to my pathetic CAT score, it seems a bit distant. But just keeping fingers crossed.
ATB to all.

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hey does anyone know when will be the final results be out?

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monswik Says
my gd is on 23rd march in ahmedabad..any idea who will be conducting the pi??ny suggestions what i should do to prepare...thanks

Pls ask ur queries on this thread:
Its all abt Karma!!
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X - 83.3
XII -67.8
Undergrad Major - 62.3

Work-Ex: 15months at TCS

CAT Score: - 87.6

Written test Topic: "It is easy to get good players, but its hard to make them play together"

Brief Snapshot of your performance: Wrote various examples on team work and the goal that was achieved. Wrote in brief about importance of leader and hes role.

PI :
Panel Members Intro: (Pls no names) : Panel of 3. Only two people questioned me. Third person does not ask any questions but he will only judge your body language, your style, and the way communicate.

Questions: I was told to introduce myself and i did. At the end i said i am planning to join my dad's business. Hence they started asking me questions solely on that. Mostly the questions like
1.why i would like to join ?
2. You have done computer engineering, than why are you going into mechanical field ?
3. What kind of work i have done in the business ?

And as i am from goa, they asked me to design a holiday package for them. And places of interest which i would sugest. Than they questioned me on some fact about Baselica of Bom jesus ( A famous church in goa) which i dint knew :banghead:
I even told some facts regarding same which they dint knew :)
Than they asked me some questions on my sports achievements. And at last asked me if any other thing which is not mentioned their ?

They also asked me whether i have studied anything technical specially for the interview. I explained them my current work profile ( Production support project ) and it was more than 20 min so they dint ask me anything more.

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my gd is on 23rd march in ahmedabad..any idea who will be conducting the pi??ny suggestions what i should do to prepare...thanks

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