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    LED  Decorative Light Manufacturer - 6 Modern Lighting Design Trends    

    When  decorating, people usually focus on decoration, furniture and woodworking... the  lights are often thought of after the fact. But LED decorative lighting plays a  vital role in your home. In  fact, lighting can seriously affect your mood and mood. If so, then you really  need to plan lighting, just like you plan a color plan. But  what are the unique lighting styles popular this year? Keep  reading the cool modern lighting design trends you can't miss! 1.  Multi-function LED
LED  lights are efficient, powerful and cool. In recent years, they have become a  "must have" in modern homes. Incandescent  bulbs waste most of their energy in the form of heat. They are not very  efficient or environmentally friendly. Therefore, in the past few years, the  transformation to LED lighting has been vigorously promoted. Although they are  expensive at first, they can save you a lot of money in the long  run. LED  lights are not only practical, but also very stylish and unique. You get LED  lighting in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, making it ideal for any style  you want to use at home. Whether  you choose to add a light bulb to a stylish fixture or buy an LED downlight,  you'll create a modern, bright atmosphere for any room while saving  energy! 2.  LED panel light
For  "wow factor in modern lighting design", larger fixtures are a good choice. Not  only do they attract eyeballs in their eye-catching sizes, but they also provide  extra lighting! These  fixtures are not only a light, but also a gorgeous focus of the room. They are  ideal for large rooms with open spaces, such as hanging on a dining table or in  a hallway. Many people use large lighting on the kitchen island. Today,  most modern lighting designs are based on clean lines. Excessive decoration and  complex design are gradually disappearing in the modern decorative  world. Many  homeowners with modern-style homes have a simple look, such as simple geometric  shapes, neutral tones and bold designs. LED  panel lights are perfect for the ultimate modern look. It works anywhere in the  family, but as a statement, it's great. Make lighting fixtures a major  attraction without being attracted to other fixtures. 3.  Stylish strip lighting
Another  miracle of LED lighting is the ribbon. This is a truly unique and innovative way  to modernize your home and add some really interesting effects. You  can use LED lights under the sofa to get a stylish, chic style. Or lighting  below the edge of the bed to create the feel of a stylish hotel. Some use LED  lights with lighting to decorate photo frames, mirrors and even coffee  tables! Strip  lighting looks great on shelves, drawers, cabinets, and even on stairs. Not only  does it look cool, but it's also practical, and it can help you better see dark  shaded areas. Strip  lights are similar to strip lighting because they are ideal for lining  furniture. They are stronger than ribbon lighting but are useful for specific  projects. For example, you can use these bars to set lines around a shelf or  around a frame. They also come in a variety of bright colors. Yes,  integrating lighting into furniture is the next big thing in modern lighting  design. 4.  Luminous rope lighting
Another  LED lighting that is very popular among homeowners is LED rope  lighting. It  adds a touch of style to multiple areas of your home. You can use it to line the  bedroom headboard or plug the bathroom mirror light into it. If you have a bar,  you can use rope lighting to add a modern touch. The  loft or basement is a cool place to use the ropes to illuminate. It will provide  you with practical lighting and make these dark rooms look less  weird! A  great thing about rope lighting is creating a piece of art. For example, use  custom cutline lighting to create your initials, information, numbers, and even  trendy designs to express your personality. 5.  Glowing garden
As  night falls, your garden becomes less hospitable. It’s great to stare at the  stars in the dark, but on a hot summer night, you want to sit outside and chat  with your friends. If  the design is correct, the garden lights will be spectacular. You can use LED  lighting around decks, swimming pools and even garden paths. Add  a string of lights around your trees and outdoor buildings. You can enjoy the  sparkling festive atmosphere all year round. During  the holidays, you can choose from several vivid designs. With laser and motion  picture display, you can express your opinion and stand out from your  neighbors! 6.  Focus lighting
Like  strip lights and rope lighting, hockey lights are now popular, mainly because  they create accent lighting. Emphasis is placed on lighting to highlight  specific areas or objects. The  LED hockey light is suitable for any key lighting project and is the easiest way  to illuminate the workspace. You can use them in the kitchen to illuminate your  work area. Alternatively, you can add them to your cabinet or closet to display  your collection of fine porcelain. Hockey  lights can also be used as useful night lights, not only for kids, but also for  you! You can stick them to the headboard or even to the skirting boards or  stairs to help you navigate the house in the dark. Modern  lighting design trends
As  you can see, there are many cool lighting trends in 2019 and beyond. With  minimalism or LED design, it looks like a futuristic, no matter what you choose,  you will find something great to light up your home! For  more tips and "how" guides on LED decorative lighting trends, please visit the   LED Decorative Light Manufacturer -     Ninghai Haohua Company   :      

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 LED  Magic Light - Color Changing Mechanism Of Colorful LED 

 To  understand the principle of colorful LED illumination, first come to know the  three primary colors of red (R), green (G), and blue (B). Different colors can  be obtained by different combinations of these three colors. For example, when  red light and green light are simultaneously lit, the red and green lights are  mixed into yellow. The color change principle of the color change light is  that when the two LEDs are respectively illuminated by three primary color LEDs,  it can emit yellow, purple, and cyan (such as red). When the blue LEDs are lit,  they emit purple light. If the red, green, and blue LEDs are lit at the same  time, it will produce white light. If there is a circuit that enables the red,  green, and blue LEDs to be lit separately, separately, and the three primary  LEDs are lit at the same time, then he can emit seven different colors of light,  so the colorful LED lights appear. The phenomenon, as they are superimposed,  produces different colors.
The  colorful LED has two pins, and the three chips in the package (generally red,  green, blue, and three) have built-in ICs. When directly energized, the color  can be changed into red, green, and blue colors. Generally, it is a transparent  resin package. The discolored IC controls the discoloration through the IC  inside when it is energized. Therefore, the colorful LEDs are actually three  kinds of colors, generally red, green and blue. The reason is that they are  colorful and have the following arrangement: red green blue, red and green  mixed, red and blue mixed, green and blue mixed, red, green and blue mixed.  There are two kinds of colorful LED lights, one is colorful flash LED: generally  one color change cycle is 10-15S, the other is colorful slow flash LED:  generally a color change cycle is 25-56S. Colorful  LED application Because  the colorful LEDs can emit different lights and have periodicity, they are  mostly used to make LED magic lights, LED decorative lighting gifts and so  on.
Ninghai Haohua Company is  a manufacturer that designs and produces various types of    LED Magic Light .  LED Magic Light has complete specifications and beautiful styles. The goods are  exported to Europe, the United States, Australia and other countries and  regions. Https:// 

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