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in NIBM Pune "Application to Admission" 2012-2014 batch
Updated 10 Mar, 2016.

Hello Aspirants,

: to the Official Admissions thread for NIBM Pune for the batch of 2011-13!!

Its that time of the year again! Its time to prepare for the Examination season ahead. The time has come to gear up for admission process @ NIBM Pune.;=259

Got questions, apprehensions?? Want advice, clarifications?? Don't worry Puys.. We are here to help you in the best possible way.

We assure to answer all your queries regarding admission in NIBM Pune.

For 2011-2013 aspirants,you can have a look at the earlier threads also to know more about NIBM..... (NIBM (All in one thread)) (NIBM Pune "Application to Admission" 2010-2012 batch)

Thank you
National Institute Of Bank Management, Pune

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