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in Nadi Astrology : Future prediction by reading leaves
Updated 12 Nov, 2010.

Hi Friends,

Recently I had an amazing experience of having my past and future predicted through Nadi astrlogy. Nadi Astrlogy predicts futures based on thumb print
It seems for each and every person the future is already prediced and written on ancient palm lives. These leaves are 2000 years.

I went on for this reading recently in Panchakula, haryana..They first searched my leaf based on my finger print and then asking me few question. Fortunately my leaf was found there

I was VERY amazed to that they told me my name and also my fathers and mother name. Also told my date of birth and other stunning details:wow:
They told about my past 100% without even knowing me.

So guys I would like to know if someone has really gone thr NADI asrology and How true is there future predictions. Some say there future predictions are not 100 true.

They have predicted for me that I will definitely get married to the girl whom i am currently liking ( but after lot of struggle) but guess what she is getting married somewhere else in next month.:x

lets see ..this marriage will get clear in a month or so . If I get the girl I like ( then I will beleive NADI Astrlogy is 100% true ) otherwise its just HOAX ( atleast for me )

Anyways any inputs from people who went for NADI Astrology and whose predictions has come true are welcome to share here

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