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Hi guys, I need 

1 - Edutap economic & social issues current affairs pdf for the months May, June, July 2020.

2 - Edutap agriculture & rural development current affairs pdf for the months April, May, June, July 2020.

I'll pay Rs 30 per pdf. So, in total I will pay 7 x 30 = Rs 210. This is just for now.

In future I'll be needing the above current affairs pdfs for august, september & so on & will pay u accordingly.

I don't want access to your edutap account. U just need to download the above pdfs & send it to my email id.  

Those interested just message me. I'll contact u back.

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 phase 2 exam on september 24 u can change exam centre also check here  materials related to nabard are avaliable for free in this channel of telegram check it out by searching "agriculture exams library " in telegram 

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