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Join the discussion on NABARD Grade A 2019 and Get all the details about National Bank For Agriculture & Rural Development Recruitment, Notification, Exam Date, Admit Card, Syllabus, Vacancy, Jobs, Assistant Manager Recruitment and much more.


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Grade A Officers 2019  Result – Roll Nos. of Select/Wait list candidates

Grade B Officers 2019  Result – Roll Nos. of Select/Wait list candidates

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NABARD Development Assistant 2019 Admit Card Released

NABARD 2019 Recruitment for 91 Development Assistant posts


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NABARD Grade A 2019

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It's happening!

NABARD GRADE A is in the first week of September

Are you fully prepared?

Buy 2750 MCQs package right now and enhance your preparation level.

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Below is the list of topics and number of MCQs that package covers:

➡️ Financial accounting (150)

➡️ Cost and management accounting (200)

➡️ Financial derivative (150)

➡️ Macroeconomics (300)

➡️ Microeconomics (300)

➡️ Management (400)

➡️ Organisational behaviour (200)

➡️ Income tax Act (Direct taxes) (150)

➡️ GST Act (Indirect taxes) (150)

➡️ Companies Act (150)

➡️ E-commerce (100)

➡️ Auditing (100)

➡️ Export-Import Procedure and Documentation (100)

➡️ Logistics and Supply Chain Management (100)

➡️ Operations Research (100)

💬 So, if you wants to buy 2750 MCQs to boost you preparation level, contact me at 9319314377.

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Seed corporation is calling you

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Give him my no

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Myths about ESI Paper of RBI Grade B Exam:

1.All Government Schemes from UPSC coaching websites

2.Last One Year Current Affairs.

3.India Year Book.

4.All reports/indices in news. 

Analysis of Last three years Paper of ESI of RBI Grade B Phase 2

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Types of Soils

Alluvial soils

Black soil

Red and Yellow soils

Laterite soils

Desert soils

Saline and Alkaline soils

Peaty and marshy soils

Forest and mountain soils

@ Alluvial Soil

•States Where Found Mainly found in the Plains of Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, UP, Bihar, Jharkhand etc.

•Rich in: Potash and Lime

•Lacks in: Nitrogen and Phosphorous

•Crops grown Large variety of rabi and kharif crops such as wheat, rice, sugarcane, cotton, jute etc.

@ Black Soil

•States Where Found Deccan Pateau- Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, AndhraPradesh,TamilNadu, Valleys of Krishna and Godavari.

•Rich in: Lime, Iron, Magnesia and Alumina, Potash

•Lacks in: Phosphorous, Nitrogen and organic matter

•Crops grown Cotton, sugarcane,jowar, tobacco, wheat, rice etc.

@ Red Soil

•States Where Found Eastern and southern part of the deccan plateau, Orissa,Chattisgarhand southern parts of the middle Ganga plain.

•Rich in: Iron and Potash

•Lacks in: Nitrogen, Phosphorous and humus.

•Crops grown Wheat, rice, cotton, sugarcane and pulses

@ Laterite Soil

•States where found Karnataka, Kerala,Tamilnadu, MadhyaPradesh, Assam and Orissa hills.

•Rich in: Iron oxide and potash

•Lacks in: Organic matter, Nitrogen, Phosphateand Calcium

•Crops grown Cashewnuts, tea, coffee, rubber

@ Desert Soil

•States Where Found Western Rajastan, north Gujarat and southern Punjab

•Rich in: Soluble salts, phosphate

•Lacks in: Humus, Nitrogen

•Crops grown Only drought resistant and salt tolerant crops such as barley, rape, cotton, millets maize and pulses

@ Saline and Alkaline Soil

•States Where Found Western Gujarat, deltas of eastern coast,Sunderbanareas of West Bengal, Punjab and Haryana

•Rich in: Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium

•Lacks in: Nitrogen and Calcium

•Crops grown Unfit for agriculture


WAP 8961215410 FOR DETAILS

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NABARD Grade A Officer 2020 Mains exam date announced

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Hi all I am starting a paid telegram batch for Nabard Phase 2 Descriptive(Essay/letter/preci) practice.Your all the writings will be evaluate by experts .Fee is 100 rs per person. Interested people can ping me and join the group. Thanks

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