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1. The science concerned with vegetable culture is called

(a) floriculture

(b) olericulture

(c) horticulture

(d) agriculture

*Ans. (b)*

2. Which of the following elements is almost non essential for plants?

(a) Ca

(b) Mo

(c) Zn

(d) Na

*Ans. (d)*

3. Although a deficiency of any one of the elements listed may result in chlorosis, only one of these elements is an element found in chlorophyll. Which is it?

(a) Zinc

(b) Iron

(c) Magnesium

(d) Chloride

*Ans. (c)*

4. Which of the following elements is not present in a nitrogenous base?

(a) Hydrogen

(b) Carbon

(c) Phosphorus

(d) Nitrogen

*Ans. (c)*

5. A water-fern, which is used as a green manure in rice fields, is

(a) Salvinia

(b) Mucor

(c) Aspergillus

(d) Azolla

*Ans. (d)*

6. Green manure plants used by farmers mainly belong to

(a) compositae

(b) leguminosae

(c) solanaceae

(d) poaceae

*Ans. (b)*

7. Major food crops of the world belongs to

(a) leguminosae

(b) gramineae

(c) solanaceae

(d) cruciferae

*Ans. (b)*

8. The principal cereal crop of India is

(a) wheat

(b) rice

(c) barley

(d) sorghum

*Ans. (b)*

9. Which one among the following chemicals is used for causing defoliation of forest trees?

(a) Posphon D

(b) Malic hydrazide

(c) 2, 4-D

(d) Amo 1618

*Ans. (c)*

10. Bioherbicides have been recommended

(a) to prevent ecodegradation

(b) because of their ready availability

(c) because of their cheap rates

(d) because of their abundance

*Ans. (a)*

11. The most important weed against which eradication measures would be taken on war

footings is

(a) Eichhornia

(b) Dactylis

(c) Parthenium

(d) Ageratum

*Ans. (c)*

12. Water logging of soil makes it physiologically dry because

(a) this condition does not allow the capillary force to work

(b) this condition does not allow oxygen to enter the soil

(c) both (a) and (b)

(d) none of these

*Ans. (b)*

13. Which one of the following is natural insecticide?

(a) pyrethrum

(b) nicotine

(c) both (a) and (b)

(d) none of these

*Ans. (C)

14. The process by which nutrient chemicals or contaminants are dissolved and carried away by water, or are moved into a lower layer of soil

(a) mulching

(b) desertification

(c) incineration

(d) leaching

*Ans. (d)*

15. Which of the following is an example of a weed of rabi season that infest wheat crop?

(a) Chenopodium

(b) Motha

(c) Jangali jowar

(d) None of the above

*Ans. (a)*

16. First bioinsecticide developed commercial scale was

(a) quinine

(b) DDT

(c) organophosphate

(d) sporeine

*Ans. (d)*

17. Composted manure is produced from

(a) farmyard manure and green manure

(b) farm refuse and household refuse

(c) organic remains of biogas plants

(d) rotten vegetables and animal refuse

*Ans. (d)*

18. Norin-l0 gene from Japan is a

(a) dwarf gene of wheat

(b) dwarf gene of rice

(c) dwarf gene of maize

(d) disease resistant gene of rice

*Ans. (a)*

19. Aims of plant breeding are to produce

(a) disease-free varieties

(b) high-yielding varieties

(c) early-maturing varieties

(d) all of the above

*Ans. (d)*

20. Growing of two or more crops simultaneously on the same piece of land is called

(a) mixed cropping

(b) mixed farming

(c) intercropping

(d) fanning

*Ans. (a)*

21. The Mexican dwarf wheat variety was developed by

(a) Swaminathan

(b) Borlaugh

(c) Watson

(d) Khush

*Ans. (b)*

22. The desired varieties of

economically useful crops are raised by

(a) vemalisation

(b) mutation

(c) natural selection

(d) hybridisation

*Ans. (d)*

23. High-yielding varieties of wheat were primarily developed by Indian scientist by crossing- breeding traditional varieties with

(a) American varieties

(b) Mexican varieties

(c) European varieties

(d) African varieties

*Ans. (b)*

24. A plant breeder: waists to develop a disease resistant variety. What should he do first?

(a) Hybridisation

(b) Mutation

(c) Selection

(d) Production of crop

*Ans. (c)*

25. Selection of homozygous plant is

(a) pure line selection

(b) mass selection

(c) mixed selection

(d) introduction

*Ans. (a)

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Hello everyone I am a new aspirant. I am planning to prepare for Nabard Grade A 2020. Any aspirant or successful candidate could you suggest for ,Which course is better to join, Anuj Jindal or Edutap?

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NABARD Development Assistant Prelims Result 2019

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 can anyone tell me that i can apply for this post if i have environment as a subject in one semester    

 Bachelor’s degree with Environmental Science / Environmental Engineering as a subject with 50% marks (SC/ST/PWBD applicants - 45%) in aggregate or Post graduate degree in Environmental Engineering or Environmental Science with 50% marks (SC/ST/PWBD applicants - 45%) in aggregate from a recognized University/Institution 

@Lostttt  ·  0 karma

I don't think so

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@arifkhan65  ·  12 karma

ok..means we have to be graduated in environmnt

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Write a comment... Multiple vacancies in PSU and government job visit above link for detail information. Share with students

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Hey Guys, 

I missed the prelims by a few marks like some of you. Any idea how to go about ARD and ESI specifically. Any coaching material that actually helps? Also, On which websites can we attempt more than 10 mocks on NABARD?

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@Doramammu  ·  28 karma

No coaching is sufficient. Refer various sources such as vision+affairs cloud+edutap+eco survey+Budget+pib.Try to maximize score in quant+reasoning+English.With practice,one can easily score 65+ out of 80 in these sections.u should give many mocks(oliveboard,edutap) before prelims and frame a strategy before the d day.

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@anshu001  ·  1 karma

@Doramammu makes sense. thanks bro.

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Missed the prelims general cut off by 1.75 scored 127.25 :-(

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@Satetp  ·  96 karma

best of luck , next year buddy... Me too missed prelims cut off by 4 marks , scored 125 

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@potter7  ·  20 karma

@Satetp hmmm....we will crack it out next year😎

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Guys , I  could not make to Mains as I scored 125 in Prelims and Cut off is 129 for General in NABARD Grade A.  Can any successful candidate advise how to increase score for next time ???

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@Satetp  ·  96 karma

Quant : 19/20  , English : 29/40 ,  ESI : 24.5/40       Ard : 19/40         I think , need to improve in ARD and ESI... Thanks for suggestion.

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@Licchavi15  ·  7,168 karma

@Satetp English u can improve a bit as 32+ was achievable and yes esi and ard always give u a scope for improvement

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The best telegram channel for free study materials for RBI GRADE B , SEBI GRADE A , NABARD GRADE A and B Preparation:



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By when will the prelims score be out ?

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@Satetp  ·  96 karma
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@abhchk  ·  24 karma

Hey sorry just saw the messages... but i guess you have the link already:)

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