my Cat score is absolutely wrong.there is a glitch in my scorecard.

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I have just scored 35 percentile for slot 3 CAT 2014. It is unacceptable to me, i need a re-evaluation or any similar kind of a thing that could sort my problem. I have been calling the helpline numbers several times, but they aent picking the calls nor they replying the mails. I m hundred percent sure this is not my score. Its really urgent, kindly give your suggestions as to what procedure can be followed.

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Buddy...u can file an RTI...theres a site that does this>

They charge a nominal 80bucks or sumtin

CAT ppl will have to share ur answer sheet.

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Yup,, i have done the same..on 28th December itself i have filed online RTI and the process is completed. I need to wait latest by 31st of Jan for the information.. but its is really rare and strange as to what would have happened.?

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Mostly...i think we all have bad days...its okay...if uv really worked hard...then NMAT/SNAP/XAT ...atleast these wont let u down..U ONLY NEED 2 CRACK ONE EXAM AFTERALL

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