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Open simcat1-93%ile
aimcat 1120-99.05%ile:)(tl)
aimcat 1119-94%ile
aimcat 1118-99.04%ile:)(tl)
aimcat 1117-99.04%ile:)(tl)
aimcat 1112-97.5%ile
aimcat 1115-97%ile
aimcat 1114-97%ile:)(tl)
aimcat 1111-95.13%ile
aimcat 1110-97.7%ile:)(tl)
aimcat 1109-97.1%ile(va-10/80)....
aimcat 1106-97.5%ile(va-19....misunderstud 3 questions.....lesson learnt:read the instructions carefully)
aimcat 1104-98.01%ile(va-67.5/150 missd by 2.5mrks)
aimcat 1103-90%ile(va-5/ 2 cleard)
aimcat 1102-95.21%ile(va-23/60...missed by a mark)
aimcat 1107-99.45%ile(tl) air 85....all cutoffs cleard...!!!
cl pmc2-90%ile
cl pmc3-92%ile
cl pmc4-90%ile
cl pmc6-96%ile:)
cl pmc7-97.6%ile:)
cl pmc8-98.3%ile:)
cl unpmc1-98.12%ile:-o
cl unpmc7-92.89%ile
cl unpmc4-90%ile
cl unpmc 13-95.13%ile:-o
cl mock mat 1-99%ile:-o
tf icat-05-97.8%ile:-o(AIR:50)
tf icat-16-99.4%ile(AIR:10)All cutoffs
Simcat-12->97.5%ile(va again....:(....80%ile)

cl pmc 5,aimcat 1113,1116-->gave aftr a long recluse frm cat prep due to placements......ended up in late 80's.....plz don count....:(

CAT'11- 99.33, CAT'13- 99.46, CAT'14- 99.71, CAT'15 99.61 || DT'12, DT'13(VC)
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