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I am a Mechanical engineer passed out in 2015, with low academic records 10th-69.2, 12th-79.2, BE- 58.32 and having 2 years of experience in a corporate world. I just want to know that do I have any chances of getting JBIMS with such academic record, if I score very well in MAHCET 2019? I would be very grateful to you if I can get your suggestion whether I should give it a try or not. Thanks is advance.😊

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 Prepare well for MHCET 2019 as past records are rudimentary for gaining admission to MBA colleges via CET. The only time your past scores will matter are when they release the State Merit List where in the people scoring same are alloted merit based on past academic scores. Admission to JBIMS via CET is solely based on your CET score. Good luck! 

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@UditaK thanks

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