Hi puys

This thread will be dedicated to Admissions related queries for the upcoming batch of NMP students at MDI.

Admission notification can be found here along with the PGPM program

Online application can be link from here.

Information brochure can be accessed here.

You can also see the last year's thread for the same program http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/cat-and-related-discussion/23034-one-year-mdi-gurgaon-query-42.html#post2960339

We will have some guys from the NMP program to guide you with any of the queries.

We welcome any queries related to the program. Just a request please go through the above links and also try and not post repeat questions.

PGPM 2011-13 || Corporate Communications || Personal Blog - anandj j123.blogspot.com
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Mayank Kashyap @Maky86  ·  8 Nov, 2014

Anand jj please guide me to go forward whetejr i can apply and considered for the programe as i am falling short by 10 days fpr 5 years of work ex as on 31st dec 2014 .Prentllty working as Lead engineer in Hcl technology from 10th Jan 2010.

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