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Itna sannata kyu hai bhai...lets keep the thread active... as we are going to be future class mates ,i believe it would be nice to know each other.
Lets share our likes,dislikes,hobbies etc.

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hey pal,forget about likes,dislikes nobody is even discussing about course,visa ,gic etc etc ,...I appeal all the future students to kindly join the thread bcoz I have lots of queries to discuss.Also it would be wonderful if a senior of degroote can help us out here....

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Compile a list of all your names and ids and send it to me. Why is this conversation only confined to this blog? Start a mail thread with all ur batch mates. We are there to help you out with everything u need. Just send me ur ids and I'll ask my other friends to join in and help u guys with anything you need.

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