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Hey Guys!!..

Congrats to all those admitted to DeGroote!!.. and Best of luck to those still in the process

Guys.. I'm stuck in a dilemma out here and would really appreciate if you could share your opinions for it! I have an admit from UoA (Alberta) and McMaster (Full-time) and I'm confused on which one to pick..

UoA Pros:

1. Job market good! (Can get absorbed easily)

2. Pay package post MBA above avg. compared to DeGroote (McMaster)

3. 16 month program (DeGroote 20 months)

4. Tuition Fees a-bit less compared to DeGroote

UoA Cons:

1. May not be able to specialize in Finance

2. Too Cold Weather

McMaster Pros:

1. Proximity to Toronto

2. Surely can specialize in Finance

3. Scholarship Awarded ($5000 not much again! compared to $62,000 Tuition Fees)

3. Good Climate

Any help would be highly appreciated!!😃

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If totally depends on what are you Post MBA goals and how closely a particular school is able to match them. Having said that the best way to come to a conclusion will be to talk to Seniors of either school. Research about the Job market too will surely help. And yeah in Western Canada, UBC and UoF A have considerable recognition in the Job market. Hence post MBA opportunities should be good.

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