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Hey guys,

I have applied for the FT MBA(SCM) starting this August. Had my interview on the 23rd April. As usual, the instructions said it would be half an hour and so on. Turns out, my interview lasted exactly 9minutes and 50 seconds long. However, it went really smooth, I was totally prepared, and somehow I felt that Steve (The Admissions guy) repeated it thrice that I would hear from them within a week, and if not, to call any one of them and follow up.

Any of you make anything of that? Also, for anyone who has completed his course there, or is undergoing his course, could you'll share information on the sort of companies that visit your Campus recruitment Fairs, what specialization are they interested in etc.??

Fingers crossed till I hear from them! rolleyes

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@dj14 ...Welcome aboard pals....plz join the mcmaster fb page -Degroote school of business or just ping me urs fb prf names and i will add u..We can discuss things out there about mcmaster.Congrats again..:)
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congrats to all who received admits....anyone from Pune?

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