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The sole purpose of the group is to excel all the areas to crack CAT, NMAT, SNAP and other competetive exams.

Daily discussion of Quants, DI-LR, Verbal.

Focus on positive vibes and every aspect to grow together.

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With immense pride, IME IIT Kanpur presents the Interim Report on the final placements of the MBA batch 2018-2020.

A total of 29 companies visited our campus this year with the highest offering being 20 LPA and average offer at 12.86 LPA. It was a 16.69% growth from the last year.

We look forward to welcoming the batch of 2022 and assisting all the MBA aspirants for the upcoming admission process. Applications closing 31stJanuary.

Visit to access the admission forms and feel free to reach out to us for all admission related queries through our official admission information channels:

Official Facebook Group for Admissions 2020-2022:
Official Facebook Page:
Official Pagalguy Discussion Thread:

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Tell us something about yourself

How to handle the challenges during the “Introduction” stage of the interview?

Introduction sets the tone for the subsequent interview and is therefore of prime importance. In fact, a smart introduction helps you to leverage the wisdom in the age old saying “well begun is half done”!

Enter the room with a mild knock on the door and close the door behind without turning your back towards the panel.

Walk confidently towards the panel striking a proper eye contact with all panelists; ensconce yourself formally on the chair and sit upright with the interview folder/file placed on the table that separates you from the panel.

When asked to introduce, start with your strengths and try creating innocuous teasers for the panel; these have a strong probability of translating into discrete questions if presented well.

  • For example: Starting with your name and place of “belongingness” can lead to certain questions around these elements of identity, from something as basic as the meaning of the name to something as intricate as recent industry initiatives in the place you belong to. It helps to research information surrounding these challenges try familiarizing yourself with any mythological story that forms the genesis of your name as well as the economic, historic, geographic, socio-cultural and political environment of the place of belongingness.

Kindly appreciate that the interview follows an action-reaction mechanism whatever you say goes into creating the basis for the next question.

  • For example: If you begin the introduction by telling the panel that you are “a creative and passionate person with good interpersonal skills”, the panel is likely to test you on a basic understanding of these terms, examples to validate these traits/skills through practical experiences and the relevance of these strengths to your professional life. The panel may even graduate to the extent of asking you to prove certain traits at that very moment- a “creative” person may be questioned on doing something creative at the spur of the moment while “passion” may be assessed by  the way you connect with the panel!

There is no “right” sequence to the inputs you pass on to the panel.  However, the “introduction” should reflect a gradual progression from one aspect of your life to another- random hip hop from one pedestal to another could demonstrate inability to prioritize and sequence.

Try laying emphasis on “learning” from varied aspects of life.

  • For example: A candidate projecting life as a wonderful learning experience with opportunities to learn from both family and education, may come across a more multi-rounded personality as contrasted to someone anchored to only academic activities. The B-school looks at your willingness to learn from diverse facets of life.

The introduction part is also an opportunity for the candidate to highlight his/her comfort areas, leading the panel to ask questions on these desirable points.

  • For example: An “engineer graduate” can highlight the application orientation of the program and then single out a subject or project work, particularly the ones reflecting empirical learning. Similarly, a “commerce graduate” can showcase the practical link between commerce subjects and industry performance.

While the introduction part assesses your ability to create wishful “entry points” for subsequent discussions, it also tests your ability to exit the discussion on a smart note. A suggested way of doing so would be to conclude by asking the panel if they would like you to “highlight” any part of what you said in the introduction. This may be appreciated as an ability to exit gracefully and pass the baton back to the panel!

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7 Different Specialisation :

Marketing , Human resource , Finance , Telecom and marketing , IT and marketing , Business analytics , Operations.

Offered by "Sri Balaji University - (BIMM, BITM, BIIB, BIMHRD), Pune" and doors to almost 350+ companies to set your foot in Corporate world.

85% people are successful because of their fluency and soft communication skills and with the same concept we give 65% weightage to,

1. Group discussions

2. Essay writing

3. Personal interview

And 35% weightage to CAT/MAT/CMAT/XAT/MAH-CET scores. (no cut off points)

Avg package : 6 - 7 LPA

Highest package : 18.5 LPA


Currently 82% are placed (Dec 2019) and placements are still going . Last year 98% were placed till May 2019.




Thanks & Regards,

Ashish Bhatt

Student Manager, BIMM

Contact : 9936375444

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Excelling an Interview

What is a winning strategy to market yourself in a Personal Interview?

Following is the list of parameters upon which you are likely to be evaluated in a Personal Interview, accompanied with a list of things you need to keep in mind for scoring well in these areas. An understanding of these parameters will help you to assess what the panel “needs”. It is only then that you can state a value proposition and market yourself well !


This is that part of the interview where you set yourself up. This is where the panel gets a first look and evaluates your personality. The question type in itself is a vast one and you can cover a host of information in this area. You should make sure you mention your positive traits in this section and drop the right hints for the panel to connect with you later in the interview. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate an ability to prioritize information and lead the panel.


This is the place where you portray your overall learning skills and demonstrate that you have a well-rounded personality. Academic learning is checked with the help of your subject knowledge, questions can be sourced from favorite subjects, recent most subjects, core subjects and subjects related to management (depending upon graduation stream). Technical training and projects also become a probable source for questions. Your knowledge is co-related with your performance and this gives the panel a fair idea about your learning levels. Extra-curricular activities are evaluated on the basis of their nature, relevance and level of achievement. Performance in competitions is a further proof of your passion.

Current Affairs:

Questions on current affairs can become an Achilles heel for many students. These questions are designed to check of your knowledge, awareness and ability to process current information. The larger challenge is to assess the candidate on an overall environmental sensitivity. Knowledge in areas such as political, economic, business and socio-cultural domains is required to well in these questions.

Career Planning:

What the panel is evaluating here is your “time bound plan” and it is extremely vital that you provide a clear and logical guide for your future plans. The important consideration here is that you should not appear to be too over-ambitious in your plans and you should strike a balance between being practical and ambitious. You can always state that you wish to start a business but if you have no inkling of what you are going to do or you do not have any basic plan to back up your claims, this kind of a statement can be hard to justify in an interview. You can always say that you wish to be the Business Leader of a company but then you need to have a defined career path to justify the same. Making tall claims requires a lot of backing and you would do well to keep a humble profile that can be justified easily. The focus, while discussing your long term plans, should always be on the skills you wish to learn rather than the posts and positions that you want to occupy.

Personality based questions:

Interviews often feature questions on areas such as strengths, weaknesses, role-models etc. Each of these questions is actually based on your “self-awareness levels” and the degree to which you know your own self. In case you know yourself well enough and have enough time figuring out the intricacies of your personality, you would have no difficulty in providing examples for your strengths and detailing your weaknesses and how these could be overcome. After all, a B-school would appreciate a personality carved out for management someone with strong initiative, willingness to learn, ability to contribute and work in teams ! 

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50 Commonly Discussed GD topics

1. Is the concept of Non- Violence still applicable?

2. Rural Vs Urban development.

3. Social Networking is a menace.

4. 100% privatization - good or bad?

5. 20 years of liberalization has pushed India to pre 1991 era.

6. A black man motivating people against America on grounds of social, economic, injustice and inequality.

7. Mobilizing masses on basis of caste, creed, and colour. Is it right or wrong?

8. A video on rural India was shown and a bicycle was used to work as a washing machine and the topic to discuss was "What drives innovation?".

9. A video shown on rural India, showing initiative by the government and the author spoke about sustainable income. The topic to discuss was "How has India incorporated inclusive capitalism in its growth model".

10. Animal research is a moral Crime.

11. Anna Hazare movement on Lokpal Bill, whether India needs it or not?

12. Appropriate age for adulthood is 18, 21 or 25 years?

13. Are call center employees cyber coolies?

14. Are we producing a generation of burnt out children?

15. Are women capable of taking more stress as compared to men?

16. Are women fit to join Army?

17. Arranged marriages vs. love marriages.

18. Black money- How black is it?

19. Brain Drain is good for the country.

20. Are women good managers?

21. Why MBA?

22. Is there a rat race to do an MBA?

23. Marketing decisions at shopping mall.

24. Privatization in India and its impact.

25. Advertisements- helpful to customers or just eye wash.

26. Is blackboard learning superior to managerial experience?

27. Does Corporate World promote Entrepreneurship?

28. B-schools fit square nuts into round holes.

29. How professional are the professional companies today?

30. Make any advertisement in group of 3 students.

31. Advertising is all glitter and no substance.

32. MBAs do not make good business leaders.

33. Consumer is never satisfied.

34. Outsourcing: Boon or Bane?

35. Customer is always right.

36. Is management degree essential to be a manager?

37. Consumer is the king in today's market.

38. What matters more - Outlook or Talent?

39. You would not like to be the Prime Minister of India because…

40. Hope for ill gains is the beginning of loss.

41. Happiness is a mystery; like religion and it should not be rationalized.

42. Law is the creation of the strong to rule the weak.

43. Haste makes waste.

44. Food is more important than Ethics.

45. Indians perform better as a group?

46. A bullet for a bullet - is this a right strategy.

47. Is it necessary to wear a tie to office meetings?

48. A ship docked on the shore cannot move into the storm

49. There is no right way to do a wrong thing.

50. Year 2025.

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Hey guys! Check out the Pinnacle MBA course which happens to be India's most experiential management programme offered by JK Lakshmipat University. 

Click on the link to know more-

Works at JK Lakshmipat University 
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Guys,if I am cbse commerce male general category class 10 ,12,grad are 87.4,66,66,xat percentule 99.01 ,gk above averageall sectional cutoffs maintained,what are my chances of final conversion of xlri jamshedpur bm with above average gdpi?Plz Reply

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Case Study Practice:


XYZ is a well established, smooth running, multi-crore manufacturing giant, aspiring to be the "No.1" on not only business fronts but political and management horizons too.

You are about to complete tenth year of service in this business house. You are happy and expecting a second promotion. One fine day you board the company bus in the morning to notice a very special silence. All the chirping, joking, gossiping has come to a stand still .You get to know that your company has accepted the VRS recommendations by the central government. Your bus partner enquires about your age and the number of years of service.

The grapevine is that the company may shut down this plant possibly in the next fiscal year due to taxation and infrastructure problems. To begin with they want to cut down the manpower, beginning with managerial cadre, then the vendors followed by the workers.

The facts are that earlier the Govt. did not allow job termination so easily. The recently elected govt. has a commitment of "job creation" in their electoral "Magna Carta" of promises. One brainy idea has come in the form of termination of "old, experienced but sometimes difficult" employees under the disguise of offering "golden shake hand" or "voluntary retirement”. On one side the country is facing grave shortage of skilled, experienced manpower on the other they are promoting schemes like VRS!!

The challenges before you are:

  • You have family of five to support.
  • You have to shoulder a housing loan and a car loan.
  • Having spent ten years in a particular industry it may not be easy to find a new job.
  • VRS is for the employees above forty years of age and / or have completed ten years of service.
  • Maximum package of Rs. Five Lacs is for those having completed 15 years and above.
  • You can get a maximum of Rs. 2.90 Lacs only.
  • Once you accept VRS, getting a new job may not be easy.
  • If you do not opt for a VRS, possibility of transfer to a remote place or you may be asked to resign, and go without any compensation being in management cadre.

What will you do?

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I have filled CMAT 2020 form. Which all college forms do I have fill separately to get my scores accepted?

P.S. I don't have a domicile of Maharastra.

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@harshapareek14 Greetings Harsha..U can fill colleges according to your score in CMAT mocks, for good colleges your require at least 99 percentile for call.  Some  good colleges you can opt for are-

1- Welingkar 

2- GIM

3- KJ somaiya

4-IMT Hyderabad and Nagpur

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