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Hello I am seeking opinions on MBA in New Zealand. The universities that caught my eye are -1\. Univeristy of Auckland 2\. University of Otago 3\. Univeristy of Centerbury My profile is - Indian Male 10th: 82% - 12th: 80% Bachelo...
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Almost 6 years back I supposed to migrate to NZ with a permanent job that too at the Government sector.

There is no second thought that NZ is a beautiful country.
NZ is a native English speaking country and your kids will benefit from it the most
NZ is quite safe and accomodating to foreigners

However we called off the move at the very last moment and there had been to many question marks and we could not justify ourselves.

There is no direct flight and air connectivity from India is quite poor. This is THE important factor if you have aged relatives in India and you care for them.
NZ is too small, except probably 3 towns, all are too small to be called a Kasba town. Hence job options are too limited. Unless you are NZ or OZ, it is not easy to look for job in AU. Impossible to manage to get a job outside.
Salary level and tax is not that attractive, although cost of living is relatively cheaper.
Pace of life is probably too slow and same will be professional developments. There are not too many big or well known NZ companies. In good time it may not be a major issue but in bad time it may a major issue. My friends had issue in finding job in Sydney and many were white.

That was my personal thought and everyone of us has our own priorities. We discuss here to learn from each other.

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Thank you for your reply. Well I studied further regarding the job scenario in NZ and spoke to some people who are already there. It seems like there are no jobs for MBA graduates in NZ. Small country with less population has very few managerial positions. I do not mind settling down in NZ, but getting a job sounds difficult.

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Interesting observation and quite new direction.

The dimension I immediately can think of is your long term plan. If you plan to settle in NZ for rest of your life or a major part of your life then there is no second thought about your opinion.

If NOT then you need to think how easy or difficult it will be to move from NZ with a degree that is not so popular outside.

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I am seeking opinions on MBA in New Zealand. The universities that caught my eye are -
1. Univeristy of Auckland
2. University of Otago
3. Univeristy of Centerbury
My profile is -
Indian Male
10th: 82% -
12th: 80%
Bachelors: 70% - Bachelors in Hotel Management - Bangalore University
GMAT Score: 640 (Q47, V31)
Work Exp: 5 years and 3 months
July 2007 - June 08 - Marketing Management Trainee, ITC Hotels
July 2008 - June 09 - Asst. Manager Sales (Grade 11), ITC Hotels
July 2009 - June 11 - Asst. Manager Sales (Grade 12), ITC Hotels
July 2011 - Oct 11 - Asst. Sales Manager (Grade 13), ITC Hotels
Nov 2011 - till date - Major Accounts Manager - Major Accounts Asia Pacific Micros Fidelio
Interested in: Marketing/General management/leadership
Till now I was looking at SMU, Singapore very strongly. The reasons why I am looking at New Zealand are -
1. Better return on investement. The course fees is much less than other MBAs (US, Europe, Spore, etc).
2. Its easy to get a work permit in NZ than in Spore. Spore has revised its work permit laws and has made it difficult to sponsor family.
3. Its easier to get PR in NZ than in Spore.
I understand that job opportunities in NZ are less than Spore,but its not that bad. The demographic situation is not so favourable for international students in Singapore anymore. I quote this after doing a thorough study of the job opportunities and the new trends. My key apprehension is that it would be difficult for me to repay the loan that I would take to study in Singapore than it would be in NZ.
I seek some critical opinion towards my thoughts. I know that MBAs of NZ are not as popular as they are of other nations, but they have some good universities. It would be great if I could get your thoughts on this.
Thank you
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