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Shanghai is the financial and commercial hub of China. It is the perfect example of a modern day global village as Shanghai offers a dynamic, international and cosmopolitan environment. Coupled with a vibrant Chinese culture it acts as the bridge between Western and Eastern customs. It comes as no surprise that XLRI partnered with Tongji University of Shanghai for the Global MBA program.

Tongji University, originally founded by the German Government in 1907, is considered to be one of the best universities in China. Bringing together the finest minds and faculty in the country, the university has produced some of the top professionals in the industry. Spread throughout five different campuses across the city, it has one the best infrastructures in the country. Tongji is a true representative of everything that is Shanghai, a mixture of strong cultural values and western ideologies. Tongji University is truly a remarkable university located in an excellent city for a foreigner.

When initially arriving in China, there are feelings of uncertainty and nervousness; however the people of the country are so welcoming and amiable, that the semester long experience was surprisingly easy and enjoyable. There are times that Shanghai can be overwhelming but the essence of the people, the city lights and the overall atmosphere compels anyone, even a foreigner, to enjoy Shanghai. There is delicious street food, vast entertainment and a memorable BUND that is noteworthy to explore, conveniently located near Tongji University.

Chinese people are very outgoing, friendly and helpful. Women are treated fairly in society and even do a fair share of a man's work. Mandarin may intimidate people at first sight, but the helpful people of China make you forget that you are a foreigner.

In summation, China is a place any foreigner should visit and it's especially vital if one wants to become a Global Manager. Shanghai and Tongji University are ideal for developing pertinent experiences viable for being successful in business.

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