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Watch this space for discussion after you are selected for an MBA college. Get a headstart in placements.

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 ⭐The much-awaited video on Group Discussion for MBA students and Job Seekers⭐

Cracking  a GD is an art and you can be a Picasso of GDs after watching this  video. I have poured my knowledge of cracking 25+ GDs into the following  topics:

➡Types of GD formats on the basis of structure and topic
➡KPIs on which the performance is tracked
➡The 3 phases of group discussion- Dos and Don’ts for each
➡How to handle a controversial topic or a topic you are not well-versed with?
➡What to do in 2-min time given to think?
➡What phrases to use to make entries and address people?
➡What to do if a fish market is created?
➡How to gain brownie points at every step?
➡How to prepare yourself for GDs- tips from my personal life
➡Bonus tip for those who watch the full video
➡Few hot topics for 2020 which can be asked this time- a separate video in pipeline too!


Like, share & comment under the video which tip you found most useful.
⭐Industry analysis for PI:
⭐Company analysis for PI:
⭐Current affairs: 

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