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MBA ESG India is one of the best MBA colleges in Bangalore where practical projects are an integral part of the pedagogy. We are ranked among the Top 10 Emerging B-schools in India. The purpose of these projects is to ensure students receive hands-on training in skills that companies are looking for.

Courses Offered: 

MBA – Sports Management
MBA Luxury Management


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 What are the eligibilities to do mba sports management? 

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You can apply online : https://bit.ly/2Dyf6s4 . Our Counsellor will contact  and guide you regarding your queries.

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Thanks for your information. I will apply online.

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The globally acclaimed MBA in Sport Management from MBA ESG, Paris can now be pursued in Bangalore, India. Apply Now for a delightful learning experience that includes a 2 week trip to France culminating into exciting opportunities around the world.

#AdmissionsOpen for 2019.

Apply Now: https://mba-esg.in/

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MBA ESG India https://mba-esg.in/
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