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Preparation mapped with syllabus Questions as per difficulty level of LR+Quant+ DI +Visual Discussion of Subjects related to Institute/CET Mocks suggestion, options available

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 Hi, i want to give away my CET books, DM me. 

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Placements happening in your colleges? Batch 19-21

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1 month Quant course. Spread the word.

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EQL Classes Quick review CET 2020 1st slot


1. U will find directions based puzzle at the end

2.parallel arrangement with 12 people. Lengthy.

3. Multivariable puzzles 8 boxes- each box contains some objects- doable

4. Linear arrangement. All facing north- mixed with blood relations

5. 9 people circular arrangement- age calculation

6.multivariable puzzle 8 people- born in diff years- likes different fruits


1. 6 questions on simplification

2. 3 DI sets. Similar to CET 2019 paper

4. Data comparison ( quadratic roots comparison (4questions) as well as general type)

5. No data sufficiency in quants

6.  Number series 5 questions

1. Data sufficiency in LR. Lengthy. Avoid

2. Simplification question in quants. Dnt apply digital sum as question expected approximation

3. DI 3 sets. Similar to 2019.


Read english instruction very carefully

4 questions on danglers

Two RCs 9+6 questions. 9 question RC had 3 grammar based questions based on highlighted parts of the passage

5 questions on para jumbles

One question on idioms fill in the blank

Rest all based on grammar

Abstract reasoning:

11 series

7 analogy

7 similar relationship

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 The EQL CLASSES MOCK MBA-CET 2019 mock is based on CET 2019 paper.  You will get a chance to take the actual paper live in the form of an online mock.

The EQL MOCK CET 2019 PAPER is live on the below 


Some noteworthy pointers:

1. All serious students are expected to take the test in their time slots. 

2. The test contains actual slot 1 questions(10-20 percent), slot 3 questions (60-70 percent) and rest are similar questions to what came in CET 2019

Why take this mock?

1. It is the actual CET 19 paper barring the visual reasoning section and some difficult to retain questions. However, even the visual reasoning section is set up as per the exact logics that were used in last year's paper.

2. Best mock to finalise your test taking strategies. Questions are not set from the perspective of a coaching class but from the standpoint of an actual exam

3. It is both an expected CET  20 paper and the actual CET 19 paper. Your performance in this mock will truly resonate your exam management skills in the forthcoming cet 20

4. Get a chance to see all types which came up in last year paper

EQL MOCK CET 2018 Paper Link: 

Any queries personally msg/call on 8793401319.

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