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Hello Puys,

What's your take on going for a 2 years MBA from a top 15 B-school in India after having 6.5 years of work experience in IT services? I know a 1-year MBA is specially designed for aspirants with such work experience but on the other hand I want to give sufficient time to learn and grow into management concepts. I somehow think that 1 year MBAs are so fast-tracked that it won't give ample time to learn.

I don't have any issues with staying in IT industry - rather will be happy to have a career in Consulting or Analytics. But, I would like to explore other areas like Marketing, Strategy etc. That, I believe, will be possible in a 2 years MBA.

But, questions that concerns:
- Having 6+ years experience in IT domain will it be considered negative approach by the top B-School adcoms to aspire for 2 years MBA?
- Will I be considered less competent or suitable during placements? I just heard this thing from few people that after 2 year MBAs the recruiters doesn't prefer candidates with 5+ years experience.

Please advise.

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did you get any answer on this?

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