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I'm a recent (June 2018) graduate from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. Prior to Kellogg, I had been a Management Consultant for six years, working with Financial Institutions, Central Banks and Governments across 5+ countries. I will continue to be a Management Consultant (starting October 2018), with a big-3 firm in Chicago, Illinois (USA). 

I have over two years of experience in working with applicants across a wide spectrum of domains; from GMAT strategy and school research to resume drafting, story-boarding, essay review and interview preparation. I've worked with people who have graduated from/ are currently enrolled at Kellogg, Wharton, Tuck, Yale, and Chicago Booth - to name a few. In fact, I also have extensive experience in helping people through consulting recruitment interviews - a process that often requires comparable levels of introspection to a business school application.

I've worked collaboratively with clients all my life, and as someone who has (extremely) recently worked through the application process himself, and with a lot of other applicants, I have a good grasp of how to structure and tailor stories (both personal and professional) to highlight 'fit' with the culture at leading business schools. This is not to suggest that 'fit' could/ should be engineered; but to advise caution in presenting it in a manner that does it as much justice as possible.

There are two big buckets that I can help you with:


Your application will likely be as successful as the depth of your introspection. This seems simple enough, but complexity arises because 'introspection' is boundless - and if you're not focused on the right aspects, it can pull you deep into a sink-hole.

My job will be to guide your thought process and keep it focused. I will help you think of such questions as:

1. What do I want to achieve through Business School? What are my goals?

2. How am I unique, even if my career path/ academic focus is very common?

3. Is School X the right fit for me?

4. Are there any obvious barriers to my plans to transition/ further my career that the Admissions Committee will catch on to?

5. How can I showcase my life's work in 500 words?

6. I am an atypical applicant: I do not have a stellar GPA and I didn't go to an IIT - how do I mask this while leveraging other strengths?

7. I am a pretty typical applicant: What do I do to not get drowned out in this hyper-competitive pool?


Before I go any further, I need to make one thing very clear: I will not write your essays; you will. 

What I will do is provide iterative feedback, and like I mentioned above, guide you to make sure that you tick as many boxes in the hypothetical 'Admitted Students' Checklist' as possible. By this stage, we'd already have talked about the personality of your target school - It will be my job to make sure that you present yourself and your stories in a way that truly resonates with this personality. 

This will be an iterative and interactive process. My working style is to keep feedback prompt, actionable, and direct. I don't believe in saying "this sentence needs to be more impactful" if I cannot give you an example of how it can be made so.

Understandably, this is a time-intensive process for me as much as it is for you; which is why I want to limit myself to a few applicants and maximize the attention that I can give them individually. I suggest that we get started with a phone call to see if we work together - go over our stories, our hopes and our dreams. I'm happy to take this call free of charge, I only ask that you be candid in return.

To get in touch or to enquire about fees/ packages, feel free to email me at Thanks, and all the best!

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I am interested in mba need your advice

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Interested in doing at US

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