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Hi, I am planning to take admission in MBA this year. I am looking for some good colleges in Bangalore. I came to know that MATS (Jain Group of Institutes) is good. Are there are any existing Jain college students who can help me out and tell...
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Hi,I have planned to do my MBA @ MATS BANGALORE.....but i heard that AICTE as disapproved it license....please guide me on this....whether it's true.....
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Life or the day schedule @ MATS is filled with activity in month of January end february.

We have our annual Nationa Level Management Festival EXITO to add to the activities is the final placements of few of the students who would have misssed the bus during December placements.

EXITO is a Management Festival for both Under Graduates and Post Graduates

The Under Graduate Management Fest is aimed at giving the UG students a feel of Post Graduation

While for Post Graduates its clash of titans.

This year we had 20 Colleges Battling for the overall Championship.

Its a fun filled event with a mix of both Management events to stress out the studnets and test their mettle , while culturals are stress busters after a hetic day of tests involving all management events.

The best part of the fest is that entire festival is conceived, planned & executed by the students.. which gives them exposure to the handling and organising an event.. which also brings out their managerial abilities and is an challenge, faculty only involve just to guide the students and do not get into the details.

The conceving the event based on previous years, budgeting, marketing , promoting event, meeting with sponsors, meeting with alumini. ... the list goes on an on ...

But when the event is successful and the every thing goes as per scheduled with a little issues here and there all the pain endured pays off..

for more details log on to our site and alos find the updates on

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MATS Institute of Management is gearing up for the Annual National level Management Fest EXITO 2012.
Ranbhoomi - PG Extravagance
Ranneethi - UG Extravagance

The fest is scheduled on the 23rd and 24th February, 2012

For more details you can log into the following websites:
JGI - Institute Management & Entrepreneurship

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Hello every the name suggest, a concept review is a idea to know about new concept..but we at mats have a new way..this time we by which i mean the students have to explain a concept..this week eight of us have taken part in this and it was is a great chance to be on the other side of the table and we are judged by other matsonians and the profs..i personally think that it is a great way to improve our presentation and articulation skills..and a great way to know about many interesting concept like "gen y way", "green banking" and many more..and the interesting fact is that some of the concepts were so interesting that the discussions carried out even in the regular classes..hope to have some more interesting activities..

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Today in current event
1) The top 3 headlines were

a) RBI cuts off CRR(cash reserved ratio) by 50 bps stays hand on key rates.
b)Strides aradab sells ascent pharma stake to watson for $370 M
c) From now on there will be no more weekly inflation number

2)Stock market
NIFTY opened(5064.80) closed( 5127.35)
SENSEX opened (16806) Closed(16995)

Exchange rates
Dollar 50.07
Yen 0.64
Euro 65.11

Following are the articles discussed in today;s current event

1.Restoring confidence in quality standard:
Here we discussed about how the quality standard can be developed and what are the do's and dont's.

2. Kotak's bankrupty touches all of us:
Here we discussed about the failure of Kodak, because of not following the trends of recent market and innovation.

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MATS welcomed friends from france
Ms. Pauline Blourde, Ms. Pauline Goracy, Ms. Pauline Pasquet and Ms.Emma Berteloot. ESC. Rennes, France, as a part of Student Exchange Program, They are from ESC Rennie.

Bienvenue MATS

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Day at MATS INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP starts with a half an hour session of Current Event which includes:
1)Headlines Reading
2)Stock Market News
3)Discussion on two articles which are related with Business Trends or Strategies
Every student is given a chance to participate and improve their Oratory Skills along with the understanding of the stock market.This session helps the students to keep to date with the latest happenings in the Corporate World.

Priyanka M

MATS Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship | Facebook

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Dear Puys and the representatives of MATS Institute of Management

Please continue discussions on specific queries on MATS IOM on the following thread:

Life@Bschool threads are meant to serve a different purpose and are primarily formed and maintained by current Students of Bschools. Please note that this is a medium to showcase their events, special snippets from everyday life, etc for next year's applicants.

Please dont use this thread anymore for generic application/profile related queries.

Soumik Ganguly (PG-HQ)

Launched LEAP:Learn&Prepare with Friends - worlds first social & free test prep platform
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Hi All,

Some more information about jain college that I got. I am planning to do my MBA this year from Jain College. So I am finding information from all the sources possible about jain college. This what I got. If anybody has some other information also please share.

In CSR-GHRDC b-school survey, MATS has been ranked as 5th best b-school in Karnataka, 15th best b-school in South India and 17th among the b-schools of excellence all India.

Affiliation to NIBES

MATS has the distinction of being one of the only two member institutes of NIBES in India. The other institute is IISC Bangalore. NIBES (Network of Internatonal Business and Economic Schools) is an international academic and educational network that is presently composed of economic and business related education from 18 countries. NIBES membership give the privilege to MATS students and faculty to take part in the Faculty and Student exchange programs.

Student and Faculty Exchange Programs

MATS students can avail of the exchange program benefit. MATS student can decide do to the exchange program in any of the NIBES affiliated institutions located in 18 countries. They can choose a b-school from countries like US, Germany, France, Denmark, Japan, Portugal, Russia etc. This is not just a foreign visit or tour. Through this exchange program, MATS scholar will spend a complete semester.

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MATS Placement 2011-12

Placement process at MATS has begun early and on a high. 14 Matsonians have been shortlisted by HDFC. They will undergo a Joint Certification Program. This program would be conducted by HDFC and MATS faculty. MATS has an MOU with HDFC for the same. After the program, HDFC would conduct the final interviews.

Watch out this space for placement related news.

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