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Namaste to all.... Myslef,Simran, currently ....(getting a current all over :: ..hehe..juss kidding...) a student of final year BMS...guys i really need ur creative buds to help :neutral: me for making of a project on ' A newspaper for childr...
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oye tussi to saare very intelligent gal samajh aundi pai getting the point....but atleast in suburbs majority of the schools have the "aunty-shanti" or "newshouse-navneet" being distributed.. the point is these newspapers have a lot of education/subject related material..and this one is a little on the entertainment side...any advice as to why a school would shift to this one....even ive been wondering as to what can be a starpoint or differentiating factor in my newspaper post the existing names of articles(what all i plan to include) in the evening to colg now......have a nice day
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K well the last thing is children dnt buy any stuff like this...its first has to start from parents/teachers and carries on to the children.Dats the way it works.

A tie up with newspaper agencies like times..who can look at promoting it in the schools.Ya ofcourse they will take some money.
If you want to do it urself..ya start of with an NIE ( Newspaper in education) kinds initiative..u can prpbably name it ECL (Ensuring children learn) and make it across all the school theough the princis and HMs.Have a tie up with all children stores both clothes and toys and ofcourse u can look at the local newspaper wala who sells chandamama and champak..he can also sell ur paper.I guess if done on a good scale with enough research put in these initiatives are mare than enough.

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K ..well i dont mean this as an offence..but ya i have done this before.(kinda similar).Let me tell you that do not ever use an advertising medium on something which really not into the market.You still dont know how its gonna jell with children so just chill.Advt is a big waste of money for any new initiative.We dont really have a childrens newspaper whch is like a fav among children or something that is dominating the market.So its pretty much an open sell something new you have to do a bit of running around urself (coz ur the best person to talk about the paper)..i personally think schools are the only thing you should start of check the response.Frankly there are hazaar ways to market it..but first catch the pulse..wat is it that children are looking in your paper.Do some research on after some initial selling and then take it forward.

For the price..well 5 Rs is definetely good.Regardless of the place.But if your in Places like Mumbai,Delhi (I dnt know where ur from )u could look at even 7.

Remember u need a HLL kinda Tag(basically sme kinda strong background) to advertize any new item.

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well..its nice 2 know that ur planning to market it also.( Seriously didnt know this) market stuff like this..i dont think you should use the mass media( Its way to expensice for a 5 Rs.Paper) start on a small nore there are enough NGOs working with school children who would probably want to use ur medium in their check it out.But it all depends on how the paper turns..if its is something which connects only to some high profile cartton watching children then ya..selling it in the schools is the best medium.Check it out.

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ok, lemme try my hand at this:

it all depends on how much initial finance you have.isn't it?
1. have a look at the competitor's prices
2. go all out for getting the advertisements.

if you've a good cushion, then you can go for aggressive pricing & absorb initial burden. at the same time, getting the advertisements should be the highest priority for the sustainibility.

3. promotional startegy again depends on the moolah factor. thru toon channels...a bit costly. but if you can do this, nothing like it:)

4. go for publicity in the residential areas. use lawns & parks within the residnetial colonies, apartments etc. in the evening time when the children come out for playing after their homework:)

5. put somebody to distribute the newspaper near the school bus stops. there are many unofficial stops where the school bus drops these cuties with their mom waiting. hand these to moms & children along with a melody chocolatee:)

use the financial muscle as much as possible.

aah...some attempt. comments invited puys/simran.

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manmadegod and godmadeu and uandme could make this too...quite a creative surely going to put that idea to use....what do u think should be the price ? Its a weekly newspaper, coloured 7 pages , cost per unit would be around 5 Rs.....what do u think could be the best promotional strategy? and do u think advertising via toon channels would highly affect the cost?

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hey aces high...mascot...gr8!!!....thought of even replacing the mascot's head with a childs face...a child who may win a certain contest or something.... he/she would love to see their photos on a newspaper so the participation may increase....

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Ketan,the newsletter thread was reeeally u know if sumones on with a thread of such journal our newspaper marketing? Wanted thery based info too...keep in tuch...thanks

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hmm..well first of all damn good is a suggestion..u could podt topics on concepts in education dats something being dont by govt of india now..they are promoting u could look at doing it through newspapers..conceptual thinking opr develooing lateral thinking as they call required for dat perticular age group..for eg: well this works for kids under 8 i guess-A lot of them know that 8+2=10 but many think for some time when asked how many fruits does 8 mangoes and 2 guavas make.Thats coz they dnt know the concept in addition.Thats something we are working on at our organizsation.So maybe u can look at it..uf ur looking at a serious space..other ya there are enough things to jazz these things up..but nyways great initiative.

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And how about a paper "mascot" or eddie for iron maiden?

Maybe something cute,stupid and furry...

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