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Guys please mail transco HR and all directors whose email id is available regarding recruitment through GATE.....Ask them to allow only candidates from Maharastra(Those who have studied Marathi in matriculation or domiciled).....Yesterday Punjab transco Advt came through GATE and they are allowing only Punjabi Candidates and even most of states do the same...Then why Maharstra showing so much symapthy (Ith ka Kanduri ahe ka,,,koni pan ya ani jeun ja?)......There are no govt jobs in Maharastra from last two years and whichevere are coming don't let others to take that...Specially for open category candidate its very important (As Discom removed them, before applying..)............

If we tried from this time then only there is posibility that they will take note....Once detailed Advt come, we can't do anything.....Please email them....call them...do whatever u can do for Maharastra Candidates,....

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@Dauahdhdn  ·  16 karma

just take some time and forward mails to all directors..their ID is there on site..

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I hope gate through requirements cancel hoil many students not able to pay gate fee

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