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 GD Topics for 15th batches: 8:30 AM Automation effects on future generation                                             11 am: Is rural india boon or bane for Indian Economy1PM: Is regulatory boards required to control the organizations?
Each GD Group will consists of 11 Members and each one will get a chance to speak total time would be around 10-12 minutes. before the GD all you guys need to give a short introduction about yourselves....
Note: GD is not an elimination round
Interview experience:
They laughed after they saw my initial  and teased me. and asked about my self and family back ground and about my village. and suddenly one panel memeber asked me the birth place of Abdul Kalam.& about the languages that I can speak and about my work expence and roles. Since I am a marketing Guy they asked me about basic quality of marketing guy? and cross selling and upselling and how many SB AND CURRENT accounts you can Sell everyday??? Thank You...  All the best!!!!!! 

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@surajsubedi HA HA

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GD of 15th 8.30 Disparities of states Growth...

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