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I had a dream. I had a wish I had a desire On the contour of these starts the journey of My MBA dream . I finally got that dream admit IIM S. which we call now as IIM ONE :: Indian Institute of Management Of North East. As like any o...
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@prachi_a is there latest Life at IIMS thread??
Faith restored :D Night is really the darkest before the Dawn :D
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You might be in an IIM if

Its funny. The amount of preparation one does to get into an IIM. All those mock tests, hours of analysis, hundreds of quants problems. Your single-minded focus finally paid off. You find yourself in an IIM. A dream come true. But it seems surreal at times. Am I really in an IIM?? In one of those revered and worshipped top management institutes in India?

After two terms at IIM Shillong, the fact that I am in an IIM has not really sunk in. You dont really think about it, I mean, you dont really get time to think about it. Nevertheless, Ive devised a quick and easy method to check whether Im at an IIM, based on my experiences here so far. :)

You might be in an IIM if:

1) Your first week was comparable to a stay at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp.

2) You use terms such as social loafer and perceptual error in your daily vocabulary.

3) Youve spent an unreasonable amount of time defending the greatness of the city you come from, on the basis of its economic growth and HDI, vis--vis other unworthy cities.

4) Youve awakened from deep sleep with a jolt at 8:45 am to rush to a 9 am class. This is after your head hit the pillow at around 3:30 am.

5) You do not know the concept of a quiet, calm and peaceful birthday celebration.

6) Youve studied all night for a surprise quiz only to find out the next day that the surprise is that the quiz is not today.

7) Youve entered a class all revved up, only to find an incomprehensible surprise quiz staring you in the face.

Youve perfected the art of talking for 5 minutes on any topic, using terms such as synchronised modular time-frame and parallel organizational flexibility.

9) Youve found yourself deep in conversation discussing the deficiencies of the supply chain of the hostel mess.

10) Youve shouted random numbers in finance and/or accounts class, just to get noticed for class (desperate) participation.

11) Youve sat at a study group meet to discuss an important term project. Two hours later the only conclusion that the group agrees upon is that the work must be divided equally.

12) Youve opened Facebook at 11 pm just for a 5 min break to get your mind off the next days Marketing end term. Next thing you know, its 2:30 am and you are still on Facebook, marveling at the number of ways in which a lungi can be tied.

13) Youve been reminded by professors that you are not in engineering college anymore and to simply get out of the engineering mindset, while asking for an extension on the 30 page case analysis due tomorrow morning. You fail to see the connection.

14) There are days when you think that 2 minute Maggi is the greatest food ever invented.

15) Youve never dared to think beyond the IIMs and hence, consider yourself not deserving enough to participate in ****s business fest.

16) Youve attempted the concept of business lunch with your committee members, only to find out that the term is an oxymoron. Still, you continue these business lunches, hoping that someday you will be successful.

17) Youre deep in concentration in the middle of a thorough analysis of the HBR article IT Doesnt Matter, only to have the net connection give up on you. You find yourself unable to work, conclude that the analysis is pointless, wonder why you are even studying MBA and decide to vent your frustration on the helpless basketball.

1 Youve recounted your Tell me about yourself, Why MBA, Why Finance, etc. answers so many times in your various committee/club/placement interviews, that you are starting to believe what you say.

19) You use terms such as matching concept, going concern and entity concept in philosophical discussions and debates.

20) You think that everything in economics can be explained with the law of supply and demand.

21) In spite of everything, amongst the headaches, heartbreaks, torture and sleepless nights, there is excitement, fun, friends and adventure. Every day is an unforgettable experience. At an IIM. :cheerio:

Class of 2013
IIM Shillong
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Second term for us got over today, and now we have a winter break. Shillong celebrates Christmas more than any other festival; only the streets of Shillong can do justice to describing Christmas celebration here, a visit to Police Bazaar and you ll realize this is probably the best Christmas celebration in India and since last two days a senior is playing Christmas Carols in our Hostels to add to the feel. : :

Amidst all this celebration many of us left for home today (others leaving tomorrow); after six months, the longest period away from home for many of us, but what matters more is with what feeling we are leaving. We are happy about going home but we are sad to leave this home, we are looking forward to meeting our family back home, but we are reluctant to leave this family we have made here in last six months.

I know we are going for a short period and I shouldnt make it more dramatic (got a bit emotional, just came after bidding bye to some very good friends ). I am leaving tomorrow late night and for tomorrow morning we have planned to go to David Scotts Trail, its a 16 KM trek, a walk with the Nature. Just like my status reads- Into the wild!! 😃 :)

And for tonight: :drinking: :drinking: :drinking: :drinking:

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Some Typical B-school Moments

I have been restless since morning, lying on my bed or surfing the net for random things, maybe because I have just came back from my cousins wedding, two days of full masti and delicious food. Food I always miss but there is something else that is itching me from inside. I started questioning myself about what am I doing in college, I should have stayed back only; everything seems useless, my contribution to group assignments seems irrelevant as they were done even when I was not present; everybody is busy with their own things, where are the friends I made in last six months?

After talking to a few people who came back from home after short visits I realized this is a common feeling, felt by all B-School students at some point of time. Drilling more into the matter, I noted down a few typical B-school moments which happen to most of us.

On a weekday morning, 10 minutes before the class you wake up to your wing mates gaali, get ready in 5 minutes and rush for the class. On the way to class you cross the mess, its just that the mess comes in your route; there is no intention to waste any time there. The smell of Dosa makes you stop for a second and then comes the moment of internal conflict, whether to go for the class or have one Dosa. Profs are mostly strict about timing and after initial calculations you figure out its a mutually exclusive case, either have Dosa or go for the class. Typically a B-school student eats a Dosa and sends SMS to his friends in class about his feats.

Now this thing happens more often than others; you have a decent week going on with not much workload and decent time to sleep, certain things need to be done but the deadlines are not nearby so you decide to relax and go for dinners and spend time on cleaning your room and decorating your linkedin page. Then your study group allots you an assignment and you accept it, thinking that you have not done much in recent past. On the day of this deadline, comes another assignment which is in the subject that you are expert at and you dont have any choice but to do it. Your club has an important task lined up and your committee calls for an urgent meeting. You also have to go out for a friends birthday party or to buy some essential stuff from market. Add the irresistible daily dose of socialization (social loafing) on campus. What do you do, how do you manage all this? This is when the maximum learning happens, we learn efficient utilization of resources, we use all the networking that we have done, we delegate, we slog nights, we divide work but we somehow make the ends meet.

At a B school the measure of your efficiency is done on the basis of number of hours you sleep. To catch up with the trends you try to match the number of hours you sleep to the batch average, which is somewhere around 4-5 hours a day. One evening you come back to your room from dinner, you have some work to do but that can be postponed, you feel you have worked hard over the past 3-4 days and you sleep, you sleep for 8-10 hours, snoozing your alarm infinitely. When you wake up there is this feeling of guilt which would not leave you until you attend boring classes the whole day and realize you had slept for good only.

B school life is full of such moments, the happy one when your friends get internship, the sad one where you do not get your dream internship; the one where you laugh like crazy on faculty mimicry and the one when you feel low for no reason and want to be in your room whole day. The best part is these moments are like simulation games, they make you realize how corporate life will be and prepare you to be a better manager.

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Arteries of Asphalt

Being the early-to-bed types, I hit the bed early and decide to run a marathon, in my sleep, for 12 hours. The bed forces me out at 5 a.m and no amount of twist or counting sheep could help prolong my sleep. Just when the campus life begins to rest, I decide, this would be the perfect time to talk a walk outside.

I would follow the wind
And walk its path
Unless there is a dead end, deadened in asphalt

I take an unorganised, non-patterned route, through narrow lanes packed with lovely, petite houses. The daily chores have begun in few of them and I see kids and pups playing outside. The cold weather would not deter these guys from enjoying the outdoors... or maybe it isnt all that cold, am from South India and 26 deg is deep frost to me!!Its actually a nice sight, a kind of colony with geographical closure, untainted much by the advances of technology.

There are few issues with these by-lanes. They take you to places you cant even spell; I almost had a tongue fracture trying to read one such. Next, the inclination; Roads decide to start trekking and what seemed flat would shoot up to pouncing steepness. Finally, entrances to houses would have broader paths than the actual road; I ended up twice going to the porch and then being guided out.sometimes by the family dog. Just a note on the dogs out herethey are generously built much like the foliage here! Fortunately, the locals here are quite welcoming and half as intimidating as those canines. A whiff of all the local condiments rattles my brain of sleep. The dogs get excited and I get worried.

Its winter and the trees are showing their true colours. Its breath-taking! The cold (South Indian here!) winds slide across my tonsured head and that tickles. This really is a fantastic place to be when you wipe the cloud of education clogging your eyes (blasphemy!!!!!). As I encounter a V shaped road split, The Robert Frost in me says:

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Indeed, the marketing case that lays waiting is sure to suck whats left of the day!:banghead:

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Sundays are the most cherished days for any student in an IIM. The promising 5+ hours of sleep is a dream, while we dream. To skip this bounty and get to play football in the scenic landscape of Shillong is better; its pure bliss. The alarm goes off at 6 AM and I know that getting out of the bed is the hardest part, probably next to Greece getting out of its financial mess.probably. As 18 of us assemble to reach the field, which is nearly 15 mins from campus, groggy eyes lighten up on a synergetic burst of enthusiasm.

The fresh air, the sun behind the clouds encourages us to get into the athletic mode although most of us havent been much active and I dont mean mentally. Passing sloping houses and petite creeks of water, we reach the vast openness centred with the precious football field. The happiness translates to all communications being in vernacular viz. Hindi, Bengali and Tamil (?????, three of us)..oh yeah! a solitary Mallu (talking to himself though).

There are no Messis amongst us, we were just..messy. With no strategy or formations, we stormed each others sides and had only one objective, to kick the football; to whom, where or how did not matter. Slowly, the better sense of the game prevailed and it was more organised or so we thought until an own goal reminded us of our status quo. As the game picked heat, the scores became quite skewed (for the sake of my life and self-esteem, the score isnt revealed). This triggered a need to play as a team and thats when the game really did catch up to us (talk about optimism) in the eyes of the locals who were seeing the plight of football under our hands legs, of a mini representation of India.

After giving it all we got, getting up from the slips that hurt and being smothered by dirt, we decided to call it a day. Our legs begged us for some respite but the post-mortem of the game drew our attention. Thanks to the reallllly steep roads out here, playing football was half the effort: We had never missed college this much for on our way back, the thought of good food and a cosy bed awaited us. If you are out there picturing the situation, we were NOT covered with sweat. You can survive here without much of water in such an intense game, the weather is that cool. No wonder the North East has some of the best football players and places.

All in all, it was an awesome experience and would like to do it again. As the winter slowly sets in the heat of the game is picking up. The word is spreading and the ball is our court now.
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Our PGP10 participant Mr. Mayur Kumar Lakhmani has won Aswamedha 2011- IIM Indore's flagship event... :biggrin:

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Every year, on 19th November, the faculty and the students of IIM Shillong pay their respects to Mr Shanmugam Manjunath by conducting a candle light march. Mr Manjunath, an alumnus of IIM Lucknow, was working to curb oil malpractices. During his fight against corruption and dishonesty, he was murdered on 19th November 2005 by a petrol pump owner and seven accomplices. On his sixth death anniversary this year, IIM Shillong students showed their solidarity towards the cause. Over 100 participants assembled well before the scheduled time of 6:15 pm with resonating silence and sincerity, depicting their heart felt veneration for this great person. The march started from the campus of IIM Shillong and culminated at the church in Nongthymmai.

After the march, a short address about Mr. Manjunath and the trust was given. Then, a pledge of commitment towards not succumbing to corruption and upholding integrity at any cost was taken by all students. This was followed by a short, motivating speech by a faculty member of IIM Shillong, Prof. Sanjoy Mukherjee, who instilled in the participants the true spirit of Mr Manjunath and how it strengthens a person to attest with the path of the truth. The tribute concluded in the church, with all the candles placed around a large photo of Mr Manjunath followed by a minute of silence, paying homage to him.

Mr. Manjunath is a symbol of courage and values to every single citizen of India, more so, to the students of the IIMs. Through this endeavour, students of IIM Shillong, took a vow to honour integrity and fight corruption.

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