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Hey, JICM could have been a great college. But it runs like a school. The classes start at 9 30 am end by 6 pm. It is compulsorily residential, yet there is no activity at night. By 10 30 pm we have to get back into our respective hostel room...
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Im quite worried about the negative opinions abt JICM... 😞

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Bro, Perfection is attained by slow degrees, it requires the hand of time ... no person, place or country is perfect, but the bigger point is to work with the hope of being perfect one day !! Give them a chance .... I'm sure they will add up to the lists of perfection !!

Ciaos !!

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There are many good reasons why one should
come to JICM.. But beware of certain facts that will stare at your face, make you
cry and remember your Nani in the jungles of chandanpura.
..they said hey guys welcome to practice school, thats what the
brochures said in 2009. I believe the marketing guys n gals tricked me into
believing it. But what to do the man whom one could trust left in a huff after
the management games took its toll. I heard that any tom n **** n harry were
being offered admission by the marketing guys overlooking merit and performance
in the interview. I still remember the kind of asses who were competing and
carried that shit everywhere.. lousy people Imust say..
you wont believe it was a half constructed campus with lots of
promises. You folks will get everything one by one..hey by and by you know
these guys havent got a proper library building even now , to add to it in the
hostel my man , you gotta to seek permission for going out of hostel after 10
pm. The boys n gals cant interact treated like kinder garden kids by a nanny..mama
mia how could you treat students like dumb bimbooo..change their diapersjesus
save my soul
.for everything even to change your pants you need to take permission.
There is a funny way of putting up an application for everything. For example
the bathrooms would get choked and you may need a stool to stand on to have a
shower. Thats what I got to know from folks over there.
.the classes would usually get disrupted to accommodate the managements
guest faculty. There has been no one who is not related to the management guys.
They were either partners in tennis, room mate in schools, distant cousins or
even clients for their event management in DPS schools or ad agencies handling
their campaigns.
when one ask them about the
lousy conditions and the bullsheet all around, they sent the marketing guys,
which we discovered were strange bunch of cronies. The marketing director is
the son of the owner; the marketing manger is a school time pal, who has no
other source of employment with a pathetic background. Poor chap spends his
time in trying to impress some of the gals. I think I am better off by not
taking admission over there. By joe I and my friend had second thoughts and she
is happy that we went by it.
to add to it all the faculty are being driven out by the rotating
doors..hey just look at their website..the faculty page is one
is there can you beat it .these guys conduct entrance exams on their own in
case the faculty has been removed take exams in a lousy ground called green
bowl..i know you wont believe it this institute didnt have a head for six
months what the crap is going on .you these guys coming and conducting
.the jagran story is painfully long its a pain on the ass dear
noble souls.. so get kicked on your ass.. listen to me guysdont screw up
your life, your future, everything you pals stand forof all the things you
parents hard erned money
..apart from living in that god forsaken place amidst bloody vampires.there
have been fights between the laborers in the camps near the hostels.poor
souls always polishing the floors and digging up the garden of eden one may saybut
the most shocking thing is a bloody storya lobour killed his mama I mean an
uncle in cold blood in January 2010and dumped the body in the near by jungle..just
some 200 300 meters away from the hostel.. and the dead body was recovered after three days of murderthere is no security oh mama it
scares me.its better to kicked in the ass in a military academy rather then getting
crewed up in this lousy jungle with god forsaken institute where faculty get
thrown for frivolous reasons, food gets over in the mess,
one can
always encounter the friends of the marketing guys who dont even have enough
experience conducting classes and speaking on every damn thing on the earth.the
most amusing thing about them is that no one knows them outside the campus..they
also keep on telling the guys n gals in the institute how good they are than
the faculty around them..but the funniest part is where is the facultynone
or may be just two or three
it seems these
guys took some of the students in a so called live projects which was nothing
but a pot of shit..they made the students work on a event for the school DPS.annual
day.moreover these guys are pretty mean and cheap..they dont treat the
students of JICM with respectthese guys always look towards Leeds met guys
and treat them with great love and attention for those guys pay double the
amount paid by JICM souls.
..there is no entertainment .no outing.the
internet gets screwed up on and off and so many good sites are blocked for no
fucking reasonsam sorry guys ..such disgusting facts annoy me pretty
facebook was unblocked very why would any sane soul go in such
god damn institution ..where owner masquerade as scholars and faculty..
if you listen the saga is endless with lot
of anger, disgust, bloody shit everywhere..the loos in the main building dont
have mugs..and sometimes no water to clean up.there are no mirrors on the
basin either and to add to it empty hand wash july-august 2009 they
said there were worms in the drinking water cooler,, maggots in the coffee

.it has been since july 2009 there is no
canteen with proper snacks and the guy at the counter will always haggle you
for moneythat lousy buffoon keeps the canteen closed thats what they call with a coffee vending
machine and some biscuit packets.he opens it very secretly when the management
guys want their coffee...the faulty is usually seen to be very quite sporting
a gloomy face as if they would be shot if they appear normal.what a lousy
place it must befor every damn thing regarding exam timing, photocopy, the
faculty comes with a lousy standard answer ..take permission from the
registrarmanagement oh god what a pity..
.. so guys since
my friends are still struck up there are tight lipped in public since they are
worried about their parents plight after spending so much money.they wont
say anything about the lollapaloozathat is being sold.very fewer regular
faculty and want the guest faculty to finish courses in a day or twono cultural
nights and dry environment in the cold winter on Bhopal.god save their souls

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(Dear admin, if you delete this post, please delete this thread too!)

Personal attacks shall not be tolerated.
Banned for 2 days.


I committed a blunder but don't want to misguide others.

Dont be a cry baby and make a hue and cry...
I am sure the b school will take steps to live up to its reputation.
Plus not all students at a b School are happy with the way things progress.
Till we dont get enough proof, i request the aspirants to take this as a one-off case.
My old signature does not fit here :(
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We do not know who this Sidubey is.If being a student of JICM I do not know who he is then surely this person is "phokat", has some obsession with demeaning the institute. But if he is one amongst the students then obviously this person is too scared and "fattooo" to post with his real identity. If this was not Pagalguy and any other informal platform I would have used a few swear words as well.

Anyway, if he has committed a blunder, may his soul rest in peace for the rest of the time he wants to spend here.

One thing that he has mentioned, regarding the bright lot of students who are here .... I am one of those bright lot... it is very cheap of me to brag about myself but I certainly am one of the few people who are really interested and enjoying this course...

I hail from Delhi, with a work experience for 1 year and a background in journalism from Delhi University.

I think JICM is a good institute. The course structure is very well designed and meets the industry standards.

As far as the faculty is concerned, we have people from National Law School, alumni of MICA, alumni from Film and Television of India, JNU etc. It is going to get better this year. Now if that is not enough, go study abroad.

I just want to suggest this Mot*** ***er to stop misguiding people on PG. There are people who have personal grievances with the institute and they are vomiting their negativity here. One thing is for sure that JICM is going to be big name in coming years.

Tom, Harry and **** are invited not the d***heads like Sidubey.

(Dear admin, if you delete this post, please delete this thread too!)

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Any Tom, Dik and Harry is given admission irrespective of their CAT, XAT, GMAT or MAT scores or even without considering any score. You just apply and you'll get in. But remember you have to pay only a little less than MICA (arround 8 lacs for two years).

No student of first batch has still secured his/her summer placement while the process is over in all good B-schools.

Almost all good faculty members have left including the founding Director (A renowned academician of communication domain who was the founder prof. at MICA and because of whom the bright lot of students is here).

Presently only two regular faculty are there (of course they are doing well but don't know how long they will be retained). The institute was Directorless for almost half year and even at the beginning of our batch. The new Director is not from communication background, has come from some god-forgotten institute called IILM and has got no sence of how to interact with students of the age of his children.

I committed a blunder but don't want to misguide others.

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mehrotraakshat Says
You mean just 2 days left for last date and a week for exam....

No this was the first phase of admission. Soon dates for second phase admission will be out depending on the seats left after first phase .
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You mean just 2 days left for last date and a week for exam....

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JICM accepts CAT, XAT, or MAT scores. Applicants who have not appeared for any of the above mentioned exams may appear for ACUMEN (JICMs entrance Test)
Admission in JICM requires a bachelors degree with a minimum of 50%.
For application form students may contact the Admission Office or directly the form online on JICM website : WELCOME TO JICM | BHOPAL.
Issue of application for ACUMEN December 31, 2009
Last date for receipt of filled-in application Jan 20, 2010
ACUMEN(JICM Entrance Test) Jan 24, 2010
Induction of the batch 2010 - 2012 July 03, 2010
Academic session begins July 06,2010


Student JICM

does it accepts FEB MAT score too
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