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So it is one looong month without posting in PG. May be this heralds the beginning of my long hibernations from the PG world and entry into the corporate world.

This last trimester was the one were when we played lots lots and lots of badminton games.. FIRM games also game back and went by unnoticed..

Some enjoying their last days of "freedom" 'cause the they would also step into the search for their better halfs.

Life goes so much fast i realise now. It was yesterday, i remember, going to our Ramesh anna, the librarian and talking to him during my fees submission day and here it is. Umpteen treats, umpteen cake parties... we are saying good bye to the place which had hosted us for the last 2 years.

May this bond remain stronger than the JK cement may this relationship of friendship go on and on and on and on..

And here i switch off my writing...... go on go on sleeeeeep on sleep on slleeeeppp ooo...nnnnn yawn

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