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I think there is a need to pen down academic activities alongside sports :P

Here goes an article on the JURAN workshop:

Department of Management Studies, NIT Trichy organizes a certification programme in association with the JURAN Institute on Lean six sigma for the students. Juran Institute, a pioneer in the field of quality management has been conducting weekend sessions for the students of DoMS. Budding Managers need to assist the organization where they are going to be associated in ensuring quality in their products and Services.
Lean Six Sigma is the best known quality improvement method which is used widely across all industries. Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two successful methods that organizations use to reduce waste, defects, and general mistakes; lean manufacturing and the six sigma methodology. These Certifications improve a candidates chances of getting hired in areas of training, consulting and process re-engineering. The Institute is offering its flagship Green Belt program. This certification equips the participants to lead projects and to assist Lean Six sigma Black Belts in large cross functional projects. The course is provided in two phases which meets global requirements of JURAN institute whose clients include Samsung and Telefonica. The course is comprehensive with examples and case studies across a spectrum of industries.
Phase 1 includes 35 hours of class room training with Lean Six Sigma Assignment workbook completion and an individual Proficiency assessment. Phase 2 includes a Project that ought to be completed by the fellow students and a final Green Belt exam that has to be taken up by them.
The Topics range from Historical Perspective of Lean & Six Sigma to Industry specific applications and case studies. An Overview of Lean, its Philosophy , the Principles involved and the wastes along with the tools value stream Mapping , Kanab , JIT etc would give a holistic view about the aspects of Quality. The various methodologies of Six Sigma DMAIC & DFSS and the phases involved in each of the methodologies and the significance would enlighten the students on Team Management. Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and control phases and the methods and tools in each phase would provide insights on Designing Experiments and using Statistical methods to be put to use in real life business scenarios.
I read an article in a newspaper on how Motorola used six sigma training to become huge again. Two decades ago, the company was down on its luck which could have been finished off by a financial recession at any time. Today it is one of the most prominent cell phone brands in the world. Motorola did not go out and bring in a team of outside management and training consultants. No, what they did was nothing less than develop a new way of training staff and of manufacturing their products, a method which saw their profits rise and had such profound effects on the success of the company that everyone else wanted to know how they had managed it. The secret was Six Sigma.
Thus, the certification would enable people display proficiency in controlling quality and increasing profits, which would be very fruitful for any aspiring Entrepreneur. So is for any business firm. Also, it would enhance the desirability thereby fortifying the relationship among workers. DoMS is one of the very few B schools to provide Six Sigma certification along with the course. Eventually, the certification would shape up a Managers career and his dreams in running a successful business organization.


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