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"The Fun Of Being A DoMSian"

Life is more about the journey than the destination. But, life at DoMS, NIT Tiruchirappalli is much more than a journey. If one choose to make the journey, one will be at a loss being at the centre of all the things which are available here and all the more the unavailability of time. Now starting from where it all began, I was a bit skeptical about coming to a place so far away from my hometown. But as the life started here I realized it was not a bad decision. Life here is not just all about hostel to lecture halls or from lecture halls to hostel. It is much more than that. It is about the learning about and experiencing life.

Today when I write this, I have already spent a few months in the lush, serene campus. I have attended some brilliant, eye-opening lectures given by industry persons. I have also slept like a baby sometimes in the morning class after doing some group assignments that went on till 4 am. But all this is fun as what better could be for a first time hosteller like me than to have Maggi at night while completing projects and chitchatting with hostel mates.

But, I guess the real thing is to be able to laugh at all the pressure, to be able to appreciate the new, the odd. And I have done that in each passing moment. My awesome friends here in my department have helped me in that.  The lush green forest, the beautiful city, the group assignments turning into group chats, the market survey or even the industrial trip everything enriched me and made me realize that I could enjoy being so much and doing so much. These all are my life now.

-Madhul Jain (Batch 2014-16)

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