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"Being @ DoMS"

The first time I saw the towering gates of NIT Tiruchirapalli, I admit I was apprehensive. It meant staying away from home, putting yourself in a strange environment where you know no one and have no idea what hostel life is all about. Everyone was hesitant yet filled with excitement. Ahh...the freshness of youth is indeed magical.

But the real magic happened during the small, silly moments.

Whenever we can, we would sleep under the stars on the benches inside our hostel and stare and dream. The late night talks we have with each other and the fun jokes. We ride the bicycle and have fake competitions with friends, enjoy the wind in our hair and act as if we were in some movie. Speaking of movies, we watch movies late into the night despite it being a work day. We even make our scaredy-cat friends watch horror with us and scare the living daylights out of them in the night. You see peacocks outside your window and butterflies flutter around you as you walk to mess.

Yes, life is different in DoMS, but what makes it worthwhile is that you can make the most out of everything. Friends are a huge part, but more than that, it's the life you live.

Shilpa ( Batch 2014-16)

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