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I think this is one of the worst B- School in the country. I haven't got good feed back from most of the alumni.. I have heard that they couldn't even fill half of the seats for the last year's batch!!! Most of the students gets field sales jobs which comes under the lowest in the hierarchy.. and they quit the job with in months!!! I saw someone saying that it is one of the best in the country! Dude, IIMs are the best in the country. Goldman Sachs and Mckinsys recruits from IIMs  ! Students gets Middle level or top level management positions , right after the program!! So, just don't compare ASB with the mighty IIM, its injustice 😁

Getting a job in the middle east is one of the easiest task. My Muslim friends even without proper degrees are in the middle east and earning good money. Life sucks there!! No body want's to go out of flourishing India, there are ample opportunities within the boundaries.

13L of fees is a joke for this bschool. I have heard that there is only one room with AC.. and the dean won't allow to use that room (cost saving, i guess) 😁 and yeah food SUCKS!

Its not worth the investment. To the college admin.. pls dnt mislead parents and students, just cos u want's to make some money for the Amritanatamayi ashram.. !!

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, pls don't comment anything without knowing the facts about ASB Coimbatore. I have completed first year of my MBA and doing my summer internship. There are ample opportunities at ASB and the life at ASB is very good too, and yes of course if you want to join Mckinsey and Goldman Sachs may be it happens only at IIMs (provided that you have a very good cat score). I preferred ASB over many other Top BSchools and I had a cat percentile of 89, there are many students at ASB Coimbatore who are very competitive and practical and we have cracked placements along with other BSchools like SIBM Pune, KJ Somaiya. About the fees, it was 8.5 lacs for 2014-16 batch which includes food and accommodation, of course the food is veg. Average CTC for last year was 6.0 L. If you have good analytical skills, you are likely to get research analyst profile and International placements also happens at ASB (Khimji Ramdas and Barakat)

 It's not one of the world's best but it's not that bad to be represented by the way that you have described about ASB.  Kindly let me know the name and batch of the Alumni who gave you this information and all the best to you too 😃 

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pagal.anuu  (Before I start, I need to disclose that I'm an alumni of ASB Bangalore (belonging to 2015 batch)  ,working as a Pre sales consultant in an IT firm )  Dear anuu your entitled to your opinion ,I'm sure your" sources " are some disgruntled students who have cynical opinion of the institute, which is natural about any institute.Now comparing ASB with IIM is your fantasy , if you  have "HIGH CAT SCORES "  why would you even think of Amrita ,   a notch below IIM .For that matter even IIM is notch below than warton,harvard or AMBA . So the " best " is relative and grass is always greener on the other side. I'm sure even if you land up in IIM ,you will abuse and aspire for much better coz that's human nature. I do concede ASB has issues similar to any other institute .As far as the college is concerned, the faculty is excellent and I'm serious about it.I also concede that activities beyond academics are far less than desired but that too considering its an integrated course , its natural .Now as far as placements in concerned ,its centralized in Coimbatore, You mentioned " field sales " job ,Now this reflects your immature outlook towards industry ."field sales " are important profiles of certain industries like FMCG .College offers a gamut of roles from territory sales manager to marketing analyst ( if your opting for marketing )  .if your not comfortable about so called "filed sales" there still options to consider. And by the way FYI , I'm sure you did not hear that FMCG companies follow Unilever model ,wherein even if your from "premier insitute " you need to work in "field sales "  in places like guwahati,latur etc.. no  matter where you come from. Also,if your not keen on marketing ,you can go for finance ,hr operations where companies like crisil to Bosch have come for placements. Now you mentioned about "AC rooms "-Well the so called sophisticated room you were referring are used during " ALL" the Ms.courses . The reason why its not used is once your in second year, suppose 10 ppl take HR, 15 Marketing,rest finance ops etc..  it dosen't make sense to make  use  of the huge  room . The insitute is unique amalgamation of us and indian pedagogy , you get exposure that's worth  the stay . Again, Im not a " PR  person " of college ,neither am I'm getting  " Paid " by college to write this ( Also, yaa I'm not religious or spiritually inclined  or belonging to certain "linguistic ethnicity" ,I hope you understand what I mean ) , I concede college has stupid rules like id cards and hostel timings and also as Im mentioned earlier lot of events are missing but its unfair to saw its worst... ( If your bothered about placement here is the gift for you :

http://amritacir.in/placements.html#mng .. regards ( from a  content student unlike the  disgruntled likes you approached .. )

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